February 21, 2015

Weakling. (*****)

Good Afternoon,

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I don't think I've mentioned it here but I bought tickets to see Kele a few weeks ago. The show's at the Corner Hotel across the road from my workplace and tickets were only $25!

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If I'd known he had a show scheduled in Ballarat I think I would have made a day trip out of it… Have the ultimate high school flashback day and go to Sovereign Hill during the day before seeing my teenage idol live. I wonder if there are any Kele fans in Ballarat though…


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Hair styling by my workmate.


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The girl least likely… Ellen Nakamura has signed up to a weekly personal training session at work (for free!). As my mom likes to remind me all the time, it's only downhill from here (my age - 23)… It's probably time I started looking after my body, and it's a good social activity too. There were around 12 girls from work at the first session which was a boxing one, it was fun and was easy… AT THE TIME… But for the four days to follow my leg muscles (after boxing?!) ached like never before, I was limping everywhere and felt like my legs could buckle at any given moment… It felt like someone had bashed my legs with a hammer 34453453 times, haha. Of course, this pain was embraced and I was pleased to see that my body fat percentage had gone from almost 30% to 25% since the session which is still not great but the lowest it's been since I was a child.


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On Wednesday we had a Brown Bag Lunch at work where everyone eats lunch (catered) together before listening to a lecture. The speaker talked about the idea of positive psychology which is something I believe in (to an extent) and owe my personal achievements and good health to. I enjoyed his talk, it reinforced the importance of freeing the mind of negativity and self-doubt.


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On Thursday we had a team lunch out in the sun at the Little Berties (?) courtyard. It's a little hidden gem run by Berties Butchers on Swan St.

 photo IMG_5368.jpg

I had a very delicious meal! Lamb shanks with roasted sweet potatoes.


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After dinner at home last night my mom drove me to a new ice cream parlour in Elsternwick. It was really buzzing and the owner who served us was nice but the ice cream was pretty average… It probably would have been fine pre-Messina but I can't un-taste their next-level ice cream.


February 15, 2015

Autobiography. (*****)

Good Afternoon,

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My birth-week bled into the beginning of the week just passed.

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My lovely workmates showered me with cute gifts.

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I have decided to assign this gold polka dot bowl as my desk snack bowl.

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We went out for a team lunch at Dimitri's Feast. I very much enjoyed my moussaka and the calamari we shared!

 photo IMG_5252.jpg

They also organised the waitress to bring out these celebratory cupcakes, so nice of them.

 photo IMG_5249.jpg

Also redeemed my birthday freebies earlier in the week. So good.


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On Wednesday we had another breakfast ride before work with an addition of a new member! This time we chose Top Paddock as our breakfast venue.

 photo IMG_5264.jpg

I had their famous hotcakes which exceeded my expectations in terms of yumminess but was too heavy for breakfast before work… I felt so bloated for the rest of the day.

 photo IMG_5269.jpg


We hope to recruit more riders from work to make this a regular thing. It's such a great way to start the day and is surprisingly energising.


 photo IMG_5303.jpg

On Friday night my mom and I went to Chadstone for a bit of a browse. We had a great food court meal from Roll'd.

 photo IMG_5304.jpg

… and rich sundaes from the Lindt Cafe. I had the raspberry one, it tasted way better than it looked.


 photo IMG_5322.jpg

Was tempted to wear a red dress on Valentine's Day but chickened out and opted for a subtle red lip instead.

 photo IMG_5323.jpg
 photo IMG_5324.jpg

Dean and I went to Cinema Nova's equivalent of Village's Gold Class. For the same price as admission into Gold Class ($39), Nova Deluxe offers a movie screening in a comfy intimate cinema with food and drinks included in the cost! They brought out our lunch after it had gone dark so I couldn't really see my food but it was like a lunch box by MoVida (according to Dean?) with an assortment of finger food… I asked for no goats cheese but my request was ignored and I got a shock biting into the goats cheese since I couldn't avoid it in the dark, haha. Apart from the cheese it was pretty nice.

 photo eddie-redmayne-the-theory-of-everything-still.jpg

We saw The Theory of Everything, the film based on Stephen Hawking's first wife's [auto]biography on his rise to fame and their marriage. It was a charming love story but also quite inspiring knowing that it was based on real life couple who faced these unconventional hurdles. Dean and I both really enjoyed it. Speaking of autobiographies, I just realized that this blog is pretty much an autobiography!… A very badly written and mundane one that will never get turned into a Hollywood film.

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From Carlton, we ended up walking to T by Luxbite near Southern Cross Station. Dean got me an emoji cake which was quite the novelty but actually very delicious.

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For dinner we went to Mugen Ramen which was tucked away in an alley off Flinders Lane. The space was really cool, I felt like I was in Japan! I had the curry tsukemen and we shared the gyoza… Dean knocked over his beer after touching the hot plate my mistake and made an embarrassing mess but they kindly cleaned it up replaced his beer for him.


February 8, 2015

Birthweekend. (*****)

Good Evening,

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My 23 year old face. As of yesterday I am 23… 22 to 23, not such a drastic step. 24 is when I will feel big, a real adult.


The Handsom Super Sale was on again so Dean and I went to check it out on the launch night (Thursday). Oh man… NOTE TO SELF: Never take the bus down Hoddle St during peak hour… It took me over an hour to get from Richmond to Fitzroy (they're probably like 3~4km apart). Anyway I bought a pair of comfy linen pants and Dean found a couple of nice shirts. The two behind the label remembered us, they're such pleasant people.

 photo IMG_5119_zpsz5xuu9qd.jpg
 photo IMG_5121_zpsxphmumaw.jpg
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Afterwards we had dinner at Yong Green Food. The Korean pancakes there are so delicious… We haven't had much luck with their mains but their desserts never fail to satisfy!


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On the morning of my birthday Dean picked me up to head to the Peninsula Hotsprings. On the passenger seat were some cute flowers and a bento box that he had filled with snacks for the drive.

 photo IMG_5127_zpsz7gappty.jpg

Haha, what a funny assortment.

 photo IMG_5213_zps393xiiob.jpg

And in the backseat was another gift! The Brooks Cambium saddle that I'd been eyeing for a while for my new build. I've read great reviews on this saddle, it's supposed to be instantly comfortable. My boney butt definitely needs it!

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 photo IMG_5133_zpsywkvzqie.jpg

I was expecting to spend the day in the general bathhouse which we've been to multiple times but when we got there we turned left into the Spa Dreaming Centre, another section where kids aren't allowed (yaaaaay). He had a private bath booked first thing so we waited in the relaxation room.

 photo IMG_5132_zpsprhekpzd.jpg
 photo IMG_5136_zps8gsrlsh7.jpg

It was so nice! When I get rich I want a bath room separated from the house like this! It was really great to start with the private bath because I don't think we would have been as excited if we had spent hours in the hot springs already.

 photo IMG_5140_zpstokwtakt.jpg

Dean's waterproof phone case making us look dreamy. It was so nice and quiet in this section of the hot springs! It was fully booked but they mustn't let many people in at once.

 photo IMG_5146_zps8oyyiejj.jpg
 photo IMG_5143_zps8vpeqoni.jpg

We had to have lunch at 11:30AM because they were fully booked but squeezed us in because it was my birthday. The food there was delicious, I love how you can wear your bath robes into the restaurant.

 photo IMG_5151_zpsafc0kfgf.jpg
 photo IMG_5150_zpswre4jzlo.jpg

It was forecasted to be a hot day so they lowered the temperatures of the pools… It never got that hot though, it was perfect. It's good that the staff constantly monitor the temperatures.

 photo IMG_5160_zpswigwk1km.jpg

Ha, I hate it when girls take these thigh photos (sorry). We slept on the beach beds for a good 40 minutes or so.

 photo IMG_5173_zps7hg9ov2n.jpg

We spent a total of 10 hours at the Hot Springs! Our bodies felt like jelly leaving the place.

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 photo IMG_5174_zpsagotyu2g.jpg
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We struggled a bit finding a place for dinner but we ended up at The Winey Cow which was a great success. Definitely will dine there again when I'm back in Mornington.


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I spent the day with Dean again today, we went to the St. Kilda Festival! That calamari from Mr. Calamaro (?) was the best calamari ever.

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 photo IMG_5239_zpsvh5gqrw8.jpg

Good vibes this year, the mild weather makes such a difference.

 photo IMG_5234_zpsjbni1uuu.jpg

We caught Japanese Wallpaper's set at the festival! He'd improved significantly since I'd last seen him a few weeks ago at the Croquet Club, he totally killed it. It was the perfect setting for his music, I very much enjoyed staying seated on the grass.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! 


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