May 16, 2015

16.05.15 (****)

Good Afternoon,

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It's been a pretty quiet couple of weeks since my last post. Quiet but really pleasant. Work has been feeling somewhat leisurely, busy but fun. I've got Paris to look forward to in the coming weeks too! First time taking time off work (apart from that one sick day) since I started in March 2014, over a year ago… I haven't really felt the need for a break and to be honest, I have a fear of missing out on things that'll happen at work while I'm away… Like the mid-year dinner and potentially welcoming a new member into our team, I'd cry if a smash and grab happened in my absence! Paris will be more amazing though, of course.


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Sometime last week, I attended the WGSN trend summit with a group of girls from work… Predictably embraced and got right into the catering. It was an interesting and informative morning - there was mention of Brown and Cony (Line) in the presentation and I had a proud mother moment, my babies! (Help me) - ha.


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The following day (?) we met up with a girl who recently left our team for lunch at Konna (?) which was nice. My hands smelled of garlic naan for the rest of the day though.


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Last Saturday Dean picked my mom and I up and the three of us hung out in South Melbourne. I decided that the place we had lunch at was my new favourite Mexican restaurant in Melbourne. The name escapes me (*something* y *loco, poco, or something*) but it's connected to the market.

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Trailing new hairstyles on Dean with my gross hair.


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Last Sunday was Mother's Day. We didn't do much for it but my brother and I took our mother out for brunch at  Gardiner and Field. I'm not sure but I feel like they've improved heaps since we sussed out the place when it first opened a few years ago - a way better option than Coin Laundry if you're looking for a cafe in Armadale.


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Last night I had dinner with my dad at Goemon. It'd been a few weeks since I last saw him so it was good to catch up. He seemed quite chummy with the staff there… Apparently he'd been to karaoke with the young sushi chef. The food was good, it's always good there.


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After a great 10 hours of sleep last night, my dad took my brother and I out for breakfast at 8 Days. Above is a collage he made and posted on Facebook, lol. He loves a good check-in.

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My sweet potato/beetroot/strawberry pressed juice went with my outfit.

 photo IMG_6487_zpsnv5fo4yz.jpg

I had the French toast. The bread was a croissant! Delish.


May 5, 2015

Wan Wan (*****)

Good Evening,

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My mother, Gaga and I are currently featured in some Mecca collateral for Mother's Day.

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 photo Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 9.43.11 PM_zpsd88jdlp4.png

My father took that photo back in 1993 in my hometown, Taupo (NZ). I love Gaga's little cameo in the shot (she's probably featured in 50% of my childhood photos), she still sleeps on my bed with me.

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 photo IMG_6373_zpshk8dyofx.jpg

On Maxima windows too!


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I won a pair of tickets to the Melbourne Art Book Fair opening night through Tin & Ed which gave me something to do on Friday night.

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I took Dean with me but we admittedly didn't stay for long, it was too hectic and crowded to actually pause and have a look through the pretty books… The event was free over the weekend so I dunno why you'd pay $25pp to attend the opening night.

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For dinner we waited in line for 30 minutes for a table at Gami… They had free Wifi so we just had our Insta-breaks which made time fly, I always feel self-conscious in these situations when Dean and I don't talk and go on our phones… They probably think we're the worst couple, ha #kidsthesedays… Just saving conversation for the table! 

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The amount of food we consumed disabled us from riding home after dinner… We needed some time to digest so we sat down at the Westin (lol) for tea. I had the White Peony Tea, it was perfect.


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Went into the city with my mom on Saturday. We had dinner at Choo Choo. The train carriage booth seats are the best, it feels like a Japanese izakaya with all that privacy (closing doors and buttons).


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On Sunday I dragged Dean along to the Dog Lovers Show. Since we've met I think I've converted him into a dog person, he was once quite fond of cats.

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This little puppy stole my heart! I want her!

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Funny man-looking dog minding his stall.

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Oh man, I got to pat so many cute doggies.

 photo IMG_6378_zpssme4zlwg.jpg

We got to see some very well trained dogs do their thing too.

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After we left the Dog Show we walked down to Aka Siro for a delicious lunch.

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And then to Vegie Bar for cake.


April 27, 2015

One-derful. (***)

Good Evening,

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Futuristic sporty gurl in Dean's new high tech cycling sunnies, the red seatbelt complements them well.

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How genius is that MyIdol app?! I just want everyone I know to make one of themselves!
A video posted by Ellen Nakamura (@ellennakamura) on

So much fun.


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Bianca and I were invited to Shenia's niece's 1st birthday party on Saturday… Bianca kindly offered to pick me up from a train station so that she could make our way together in her car… When I arrived at the station she wasn't anywhere to be seen so I called her to find out that she was getting a  casual tattoo nearby… I wasn't even that surprised, classic Bianca activity.

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Shenia's niece's 1st birthday party was pretty massive, bigger than all my birthday parties combined! They had a jumping castle, Photobooth and an impressive East Timorese feast!

 photo IMG_6296_2.jpg

These. So cute and delicious.

 photo IMG_6291_2.jpg

Pretty much a wedding cake!


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Spent time with Dean on Sunday, we went to Chadstone so that he could buy his limited edition cycling sunglasses from Oakley… I've been in a few different Oakley stores with Dean a few times and I must say their customer service is amazing! The staff are genuinely enthusiastic about the brand and are so knowledgeable, they're all so "on-brand" in the way they converse as well, super chilled with the odd "man" or "dude" thrown in. I told Dean to write into them to commend them on their service!

After Chadstone we joined Dean's family at Baby for lunch. Then after lunch we went down to the sports outlet side of Smith st to find some active wear for me. Adidas were having a further 30% off already reduced items so I got myself a pair of shorts and a top for $40 - yay!

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My light dinner at Jimmy Grants. Dean sat and watched me eat 'cos he wasn't hungry.

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