April 13, 2014

A Weekend Away. (*****)

Good Evening,

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On the 9th it was my 2 year anniversary with Dean.

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That stamp is so perfect in depicting the moment we became an official couple, the log and everything!

It's been a peaceful and comfortable two years... I think those two adjectives sum up our relationship pretty well.

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Our anniversary landed on a weekday so we could only go out for dinner after we both finished work. (lol we look so small in this photo). I let Dean choose the restaurant and we ended up dining at Ezard on Flinders Lane, somewhere I've passed 3435453 times but had never noticed.

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It's probably the fanciest place we've ever been together but it wasn't too fancy to the point of tiny tiny portions of dots and froth on a plate. The entrees only look small because we got them to half them so we could have a plate each of two entrees. I enjoyed everything except for my main snapper which could've done with a bit more flavour (I resisted asking for salt because I thought they might get offended...) It was a nice gesture of them to write, "Happy Anniversary" on our dessert platter plate when Dean had only briefly mentioned it on the phone.


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During my lunch break the following day I walked past the Corner Hotel and saw a poster up for the long awaited W.A.S. show that I bought tickets to over 6 months ago (!!!)... It was initially scheduled for January but it got heavily postponed to May. I remember fantasizing about getting a job at Mecca by the time of the show and walking to the venue (just down the road) after work, now it'll be a reality! Maybe I'll even bump into Keith Murray during my lunch break, or overhear their soundcheck... heh.

 photo IMG_2006_zpsd4b96543.jpg

Had SpudBar for lunch, it was so filling but I managed to finish it (just).

 photo IMG_1996_zpsd06a1084.png
 photo IMG_2004_zps3e105c11.png
 photo IMG_2005_zps7a01eb2f.png

Oh boy, I went LINE crazy with my phone and downloaded these adorable wallpapers!


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Dean planned a weekend getaway to Daylesford/Hepburn for our anniversary. Our first stop was the Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa.

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 photo IMG_7420_zps75d2c6fc.jpg

Super nice facilities but we agreed that it was way overpriced at $90 each for entry into all the spas and scones. I think I would have significantly enjoyed myself more if the water wasn't so lukewarm, I like my baths at at LEAST 40 degrees. We had a great relaxing time there but it isn't somewhere you'd go again... I much prefer and recommend the Peninsula Hot Springs.

 photo IMG_7371_zpsbc9ff03c.jpg

The scones were really good but I got stung by a wasp on my leg (weird 'cos I wasn't even provoking it)... I've only gotten stung once before when I was a kid and it's funny how tolerance to pain changes when you age, it didn't hurt that much this time 'round.

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Deanus booked us a stunning Villa (Hepburn and Hepburn) as a surprise!

 photo IMG_7480_zpscbc08ca3.jpg

Tucked away in a secluded area just opposite the hotsprings.

 photo IMG_7425_zps2e39a72c.jpg
 photo IMG_7382_zpsd6c3a340.jpg

Complimentary treats!

 photo IMG_7389_zps5ce6b036.jpg
 photo IMG_7426_zps99060119.jpg
 photo IMG_7399_zps96c0c3c5.jpg

It was so nice! There's a curtain that goes around the glass bathroom by the way.

 photo IMG_7442_zps8d76b919.jpg

One of my favourite features was the fireplace.

 photo IMG_7452_zps4b470d9d.jpg
 photo IMG_7466_zps03142cac.jpg

And the balcony which was bliss after a hot bath. Apparently wild kangaroos and echidnas come out to play sometimes.

 photo IMG_2007_zps48b0cfee.jpg

We went to the local pub (Farmer's Arms?) for dinner. It was buzzing and we had to wait for a table but the food was worth it. I had the lamb shanks. This is the kind of food you want to enjoy when in a rural town.

 photo IMG_7470_zps30241d96.jpg

The nice guy at the Villa allowed us to check in later at 1PM which allowed us to sleep in, apparently Dean had a dream that I dumped him though... Ha. My front teeth fell out again in my dream, it's probably my most frequent dream/nightmare. Anyway, we had lunch at a cute little place called Beer and Breakfast. I liked my corn fritters (a lot) but Dean was underwhelmed with his hashbrowns.

 photo IMG_7488_zpsb0afb492.jpg

After having a walk around town (which didn't take long at all) we headed to Lavandula, a Swiss Italian Farm best known for their lavender fields. Since it's now Autumn, the lavenders weren't too spectacular but the farm had a nice country atmosphere.

 photo IMG_7478_zps29af3665.jpg
 photo IMG_2009_zpsaa13be43.jpg
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 photo IMG_7518_zps206981bb.jpg
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Even though we had just eaten, we shared a platter of goodies and had cake (not in that order, ha). I was so happy with my apple cake and my lavender lemonade. I also had a pot of lavender tea which was quite nice too.

We really seemed to be attracting the wasps of Daylesford... This is Dean freaking out and looking like a wizard casting spells (or simply a madman).

 photo IMG_2011_zpsc3631710.jpg

I fell asleep during the drive back home to Melbourne but woke up for ice cream from Ben and Jerry's... I deeply regretted getting two scoops in a special cone, it was too much... The "couch potato" flavour was good, it had chocolate covered potato chip clusters in it, best combination.

I should sleep now! Bye!


April 7, 2014

I was Amazed! (*****)

Good Evening,

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This is the turban cap by Verner that I purchased at the P.S.G. sale over the weekend. I've been wanting one for around a year so I was stoked to see it on sale. Red wasn't ideal but it was the only colour they had but it's kinda growing on me.

 photo IMG_7235_zps026744ee.jpg

These are a pair of Ne-Net socks that I bought at the same sale. See the small socks within the big socks? So meta. They look really funky on, both the heels bulge out. I've been dressing like a weirdo on weekends because I'm not brave enough to dress that way to work. My boyfriend laughs at how odd we look as a couple on weekends.

 photo IMG_7260_zpse460681e.jpg
 photo IMG_7261_zpsef293e41.jpg

On Sunday I was in an adventurous mood (I really just wanted an excuse to wear my new hat) so Dean planned a day trip to the Dandenongs. Before we left, we had lunch at Gardiner and Field, my neighbourhood cafe. I think I'll get what Dean had next time, the baked eggs.

 photo IMG_7277_zps6a9d43c3.jpg
 photo IMG_7266_zpseacd03d0.jpg

We went on a pleasant not-so-long drive to a lookout called, "SkyHigh" in the Dandenong ranges where you could see the cityscape from afar.

 photo IMG_7284_zps93afa9b9.jpg

There was also a maze up there which was peasy... I have a feeling the maze on the Mornington Peninsula was better and more of a challenge but it's hard to judge since I visited when I was a kid.

 photo IMG_7274_zps9dd2b7dc.jpg


 photo IMG_7278_zps00763fc5.jpg
 photo IMG_7279_zps750f01ab.jpg
 photo IMG_7280_zps7de69db4.jpg
 photo IMG_7283_zpsd9f853b1.jpg
 photo IMG_7281_zpsff0d8e88.jpg
 photo IMG_7282_zps492320f7.jpg

We collected all the stamps and became certified maze masters. We also got, "I WAS AMAZED!" badges... I was hoping the prize to be edible though.

 photo IMG_1964_zps56aae909.jpg

I was looking forward to our ice cream break but I made a shocking choice of ice cream... The Choc Cherry with Coconut Drumstick was gross, I should've known better! Cherry flavour is always the most sickening and artificial! Should've gotten a Maxibon for the same price!

 photo IMG_7271_zps6b4d5ce0.jpg

Apart from the maze they had a nice garden.

 photo IMG_7320_zpsf57f0db8.jpg

and wild Kookaburras! Look how close he came! I hate most birds but I now like kookaburras.

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 photo IMG_7288_zpsea564b80.jpg

We got back in the car ready to leave but I had a craving for wedges so we went back to the restaurant to satisfy my craving. It was a good idea because it wasn't long until sun set. The wedges were so good, exactly what I was after.

 photo IMG_7308_zpsdeced800.jpg
 photo IMG_7309_zpseee30969.jpg

The sunset was spectacular also. It looked 134234% better in real life.

 photo IMG_7314_zpsf1c07c6f.jpg

Dean dropped me off at home at the sensible time of 7:30, felt like a lot later due to daylight savings ending recently. Thanks Deanus for a nice day out in the fresh air.


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Wore the comfiest linen trousers by Ne-Net from the P.S.G. sale today. I broke my personal fashion rule not to tuck knits in... It's one of my biggest fashion pet peeves (if not my biggest)... I allowed myself to do so because my top was thin and my pants were baggy...

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Also, a Mecca e-mail that I actually designed all by myself (Following a template...) was sent out today! Yippee.


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