September 30, 2014

Toothless. (***)

Good Evening,

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After receiving tickets from a workmate, Dean and I went to check out the Dreamworks exhibition at ACMI on Sunday.

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We had a nice lunch at Bowery to Williamsburg before hand. Dean had been wanting to go but I kept declining him whenever he suggested it because I barely ever crave bread or sandwiches (I thought their menu was limited, but it turns out I was wrong).

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It was all very delicious. The key lime pie was a standout.

 photo IMG_9818_zpsb0bf07bf.jpg
 photo IMG_9817_zpsd898042d.jpg
 photo IMG_3213_zpsad4c562f.jpg
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The exhibition was impressive! I don't think you need to be a fan of Dreamworks to appreciate it, it was great to get an insight into the process and the interactive elements were fun.

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We had some Yo-Chi afterwards... It was yum but totally unnecessary.


September 27, 2014

27.09.14 (*****)

Good Evening,

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Here's a photo of my dad and I in front of my first Mecca Maxima window design:

 photo IMG_9774_zps61570c69.jpg

It's fun [for me, at least] to visit the different stores because every design is slightly different depending on the window dimensions.


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 photo IMG_3174_zps5e776314.jpg
 photo IMG_3175_zpsa3889eba.jpg

On the same day that I weighed myself for the first time in a month and discovered that I'd gained 4kg and was at a weight I told myself I'd never exceed again 3 years ago... I went out for ramen with my mom. Since then it has been a case of "diet starts tomorrow"... Ugh.


 photo IMG_3184_zpsa5a4e77b.jpg

The following day I redeemed myself by getting lunch from The Tofu Shop, my new favourite weekday lunch spot.


 photo IMG_9803_zps01a3c339.jpg

I started traveling on a full fare Myki (public transport card) this week so I'm paying double of what I used to pay... Being the economical person that I am, I want to avoid taking public transport as much as possible... If you think about it, 2 days of utilizing public transport is equal to a decent meal! So this is my rainy day style on my bike, the poncho to protect my clothes and hair and the glasses to shield my eye makeup... Thank goodness for the Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable tinted primer to keep the rest of my face in tact! Ha.

 photo IMG_3187_zpsab0fc13c.jpg
 photo IMG_3188_zps7ffc5710.jpg

That day at work we had an afternoon treat to celebrate the launch of!

 photo IMG_3189_zpsbabba8b8.jpg

After that I met up with a bunch of friends from university for cheap dumplings. So there were around 10 recent graduates of graphic design around a table and we sat next to the most ironic person, Frances Abbott (daughter of Tony Abbott). I went to school with the loveliest group of people, it was so good to see them again. Wish I could have stayed out for longer. 


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... But I had to meet a couple of my colleges at 7:30AM the following day to do some exciting work in-store at the Maxima store in Highpoint.  I compromised my breakfast for a little extra sleep which I regretted because I got so hungry, cannot handle leaving the house with an empty stomach. After we were done in store, I ducked out to grab a Boost smoothie.

 photo IMG_3191_zps0f973b2e.jpg

It was lunchtime by the time we were driving back to work so we stopped at the Victoria Market and had Boreks in the sun, it was bliss. I got two boreks since they were only $3, so cheap! One could easily fill you up though. The two VM girls I spent that morning with are the funniest, I really enjoy their company.

 photo IMG_3193_zps57f6b2c5.jpg
 photo IMG_3194_zpsb621bdbe.jpg

That night, Dean picked me up from work and we went to the Sun Theatre in Yarraville to see, "Wish I Were Here". The cinema was really mini and they had comfy sofa-style seats, I liked it! As for the film it was okay... Borderline boring... But there were a few good bits.

 photo IMG_3200_zpsa249e7b9.jpg

We had a post movie dinner at Yim Yam, it was so delicious! Cannot get that duck curry out of my mind.

Since we'd both missed The Bachelor on Thursday night, we watched it online after dinner... Glad Jess was eliminated... she got on my nerves, I didn't like how calculated she was. Still want Lisa to win but I don't think she will... I CAN'T BELIEVE HE'S GOING TO PROPOSE IN THE FINALE NEXT WEEK.


September 22, 2014

Family Around a Table. (*****)

Good Evening,

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Oops, it's been 10 days between posts... I definitely underestimated 'adulthood' when people told me that I wouldn't be be able to keep up with the daily posts as I get older. Not having spare time is how I like it though, or else I'd get bored...

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Exciting news! My mom and I booked tickets to Paris! We're going in June next year so I'm all ears for travel recommendations.


 photo IMG_9731_zpsfdf54af8.png
 photo IMG_9730_zps7f7b5f40.jpg
 photo IMG_9728_zpsb1b39541.jpg

A classmate from uni took nice photos of me for a project the other week! I think they turned out great... I really love that light/shadow detail under my feet in the first photo.


 photo IMG_9570_zps137245f4.jpg
 photo IMG_9571_zpsbe31c072.jpg
 photo IMG_9696_zpsaf82aa47.jpg

I baked a [if I can say so myself] a delicious lemon tart from scratch last weekend. I followed Phillippa's recipe.

 photo IMG_9705_zps6d6ce7a0.jpg

Also cooked dinner that night.

 photo IMG_9699_zpse2949582.jpg

My cute heart shaped grocery bag from Alpha 60.


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 photo IMG_3109_zpsf10f0281.jpg

On Tuesday (?) I was at work from 8:00AM to 9:30PM! We had a breakfast where women from The Hunger Project came to speak to us about their organisation as the company have formed a partnership with them. They aim to break the cycle of poverty by helping the 'hungry' help themselves with a focus on empowering women.

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After work I attended a brand training for a new brand launching into Maxima and Kit, Josie Maran. Their motto is, "luxury with a conscience", they're all about spoiling yourself without spoiling the earth.


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Met up with Obarie (my grandma), aunt, and father at Den on Friday night where my brother made me a lovely fruity cocktail. Obarie came down from Perth and my aunty was visiting all the way from Tokyo.

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 photo IMG_3124_zpsa75859aa.jpg

For dinner we had Tempura Hajime booked. It was my fourth time dining there (hence the fourth time I probably state this on my blog) but for those unaware, they are a little restaurant that specialize in tempura where the chef cooks in front of a maximum of 15 (ish?) guests a night. We all got the tempura 10 piece course with sushi.

 photo IMG_3117_zpsa13c25f0.jpg
 photo IMG_3123_zpsef394b03.jpg
 photo IMG_3125_zpsec670720.jpg

Freshly fried tempura, bliss.

 photo IMG_3128_zps6e3f66b0.jpg
 photo IMG_3131_zps5a4ba4e3.jpg


 photo IMG_3136_zpsfa96c811.jpg
 photo IMG_3137_zpsf6006834.jpg

Yes! Green tea KitKats from my aunt and homemade strawberry jam from Obarie!


 photo IMG_3143_zps3a46c1d2.jpg

On Saturday we went to the Grain Store for lunch with Dean. It was very pleasant, love that the menu is different everytime I visit.

 photo IMG_3140_zpsb08f8a24.jpg
 photo IMG_3141_zps6088d89a.jpg
 photo IMG_3145_zpsa6a76a6f.jpg

Did not expect my $8-$12 (ish?) dessert to be so beautifully presented!

After lunch us girls went shopping on High Street Armadale... Obarie went a little crazy with her credit card... I wish I could spend money the way she does (though she insists it's a rare occasion...)

For dinner we went to Jim's Greek Tavern, we ordered a lot of seafood!

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 photo IMG_3146_zps8c173579.jpg
 photo IMG_3149_zpse57de477.jpg
 photo IMG_3150_zps40b857e9.jpg
 photo IMG_3151_zpsea22fefc.jpg
 photo IMG_3152_zps1bf6ecf5.jpg
 photo IMG_3154_zps187a6273.jpg

In the 452435 times I've eaten here, I think we had the best experience on Saturday night... For the first time we didn't order too much and the young waiter we had was super polite, friendly and worthy of much praise!

 photo IMG_3153_zpsd138090a.jpg

... Since we were in the area we had some sneaky scoops of Messina ice cream.


 photo IMG_9750_zps3d3a4668.jpg

Slept in on Sunday and in the afternoon joined the family on a trip out to Doncaster... They were keen to see my first Maxima promotion (which ends soon!) and to do a little shopping.

 photo IMG_3158_zpsd205c897.jpg
 photo IMG_3159_zps0728c476.jpg

We somehow ended up in Koko Black where we had a little chocolate break.

 photo IMG_3170_zps36200e78.jpg

My brother was finally able to join us for a meal on Sunday night at Guhng. Lol at all the table shots in this post.

 photo IMG_3160_zpsed047aec.jpg
 photo IMG_3162_zps03946c7e.jpg
 photo IMG_3163_zps93bc311e.jpg
 photo IMG_3164_zps91dd2672.jpg
 photo IMG_3165_zps7126b7f8.jpg
 photo IMG_3168_zpsa21a3276.jpg

(we had more KBBQ but meat is boring to look at).

That was the last time I saw Obarie and my aunt as they left on Monday night... I love it when my extended family come to visit, I'm very envious of families that live in the same city! Hopefully I'll be visiting them in Perth and Tokyo soon... So keen.


 photo IMG_3171_zps3ef00a32.jpg

My lunch today, the spicy chicken soup from Hella's again...! It's so addictive.


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