July 26, 2015

20 Scoops. (****)

Good Afternoon,

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My all-time favourite lipstick: Stila's Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick in 'Fiery'. True to its name, it doesn't budge - could easily go a day without reapplication! The only times I need to re-touch is if I've eaten a messy meal and have to wipe food off my lips with a napkin. An added bonus; it smells like chocolate.


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 photo IMG_7979.jpg

Made a last minute decision to attend a La Mer training after work. Not only did we get fed pizza, it was interesting learning the story behind such a cult brand. Looking forward to welcoming the brand to Mecca Cosmetica soon!


 photo IMG_7983.png

Highlight of the week… Getting a tub of Messina ice-cream delivered to work for free thanks to Uber! Being a total Uber noob I got the pickup location wrong but Jim the driver kindly came to find me. My heart was racing while I watched the ice-cream icon loom closer to me on the map!

 photo IMG_7993.jpg
 photo IMG_7986.jpg
 photo IMG_7988.jpg

What a great marketing campaign… A win for all parties involved! Cept for my expanding belly … I think I've had at least 20 scoops of ice-cream in total this past week. In the middle of winter!


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 photo IMG_8095.jpg
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Dean took me out for dinner on Friday night at Nieuw Amsterdam. All very tasty but disappointed that the chips and ribs came to our table quite cold - I reckon they were sitting at the kitchen for 10 minutes before a waiter came to collect them. The pumpkin doughnuts were AMAZING - would go back just for them.


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Had plans to check out some buildings at the Open House event on… Ended up meeting Dean too late on Saturday to have a good look around. We went inside the RMIT Design Hub… We both attended RMIT and the building was less open than it usually is on a normal day, haha.

 photo IMG_8089.jpg

After a little walk around Collingwood, we checked out the night market at Minanoie before heading to Le Bon Ton for dinner. I told myself that I'd be good and eat relatively healthy food this weekend so I don't know why I suggested coming here… I'd be lying if I said #noregrets… #manyregrets. It was good  - wouldn't really recommend the burger though, it wasn't anything special. The onion rings were my favourite but there's no such thing as bad onion rings.


Going to a meditation class at Happy Melon later today… Thought I'd need it because I sense a hectic week ahead of me! 


July 19, 2015

19.08.15 (****)

Good Evening,

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Had our weekly PT session after work on Tuesday. Totally regret not participating earlier. After around  17 sessions, I see that my body is starting to tone - especially my back and arms where I was pretty jiggly! One of my favourite activities to do at training is boxing - it's such great stress relief. Here's a video our personal trainer took of us… I'm never not smiling whilst doing exercise, I look foolish:


It was free food galore at work last week!

 photo IMG_7876.jpg

They even had a mobile cafe come in twice to make coffee for everyone! Yes. This workplace is where I belong.

 photo IMG_7902.jpg

My workmate is off to get married! Reception allowed me to design her celebratory cupcakes.


 photo IMG_7917.jpg

Went out for a mid-week dinner with girlfriends… We ended up at Oriental Spoon. Would not recommend their tofu bibimbap.


 photo IMG_7918.jpg

My workmate and I got up bright and early to check out the Jac+Jack sale at 8AM on Thursday. Quality sale! Sales held in town halls are the bomb. Bought a denim shirt/dress and a jumper. Managed to convince the rest of our team (who are all saving) to duck out of work to check it out (oops.).


 photo IMG_7921.jpg

Made sure I got two scoops at Messina this week.


 photo IMG_7931.jpg

On Friday night my workmate and I attended Spicers' (paper supplier) winter soiree where we enjoyed free food and drinks, heh.

 photo IMG_7936.jpg

Afterwards we headed a few doors down to where more colleagues were gathered for a farewell and birthday.  By that point in the evening, everyone was pretty tipsy - it was weird (but amusing) seeing work people out of context. Sad to see my buddy leave, he was one of my faves!


 photo IMG_7937.jpg

Yessssss! My replacement saddle arrived a few days ago! Wiggle are amazing - I feel compelled to write positive feedback on their Facebook page or something.


 photo IMG_7942.jpg

Rode into the city on Saturday to meet Dean… Mecca Maxima is a good meeting place as it's where we lock our bikes - was able to see my promo IRL for the first time at this store.

 photo IMG_7960.jpg

We were both kinda hungry so we went to Din Tai Fung at 4:40 for an early dinner - we didn't have to wait and got a table straight away… It was a pretty full house though! It's clean, spacious and all the staff greet you as you walk in - we felt as if we were in Asia, it doesn't feel like Melbourne in there.

 photo IMG_7967.jpg

Their famous xiao long boa lived up to the hype! The skin was so thin and delicate and the juice inside was super tasty. Thought 8 between us would have been too many but I think we could have easily had 8 each!

 photo IMG_7952.jpg
 photo IMG_7954.jpg

The other dishes we ordered were delicious too! It was all very refreshing.

 photo IMG_7957.jpg
 photo IMG_7958.jpg

The only thing I didn't love was the mango pudding - which was quite bland.

 photo IMG_7971.jpg

We didn't want to spend too much time at Din Tai Fung as we knew they'd be a massive line outside so we relocated to a cafe to have hot chocolates.

 photo IMG_7974.jpg

We had a walk around the city eating Nutella doughnuts… I wasn't expecting them to be so delicious! Was a bit skeptical as they appeared bread-like but they were actually amazing.


July 12, 2015

12.08.15 (***)

Good Afternoon,

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Pretty much within 10 minutes of posting my last blog I got an e-mail from Wiggle saying that they have dispatched my replacement saddle! I'm not usually one to return or exchange items so I am very surprised as to how easy it was. I've also approved parts for my full build and have finally put down a deposit! It's feeling very real now.


 photo IMG_7834.jpg
 photo IMG_7851.jpg

Topped off a fun but productive working week with a smash and grab on Friday afternoon! This is a bi-annual event we have at work to get rid of excess stock (limited edition products and old packaging designs), they charge an entry fee which is collected and donated to The Hunger Project. Pleased with what I was able to grab, lots of everyday essentials - I think I have a lifetime supply of liquid eyeliner now.

 photo IMG_7835.jpg

My mom offered to pick me up from work after the smash and grab so that I didn't have to carry my bags home on the train. We had pho for dinner on Vic Street. I repeated a mistake I had made before… Ordered the beef and chicken combination without specifying that I only wanted the shredded beef and chicken. Instead I got all the unidentifiable spiky weird bits.


 photo IMG_7864.jpg

Yo-Chi in Yarraville with Dean on Saturday. Love their warm toppings for winter. Chai is back as well!

Had dinner at Dean's and we watched a documentary on Lance Armstrong, lol.


 photo IMG_7870.jpg

Brunch at Le Miel et la Lune with family.

After lunch I sat on the couch with my mom and watched Amelie - saw a bunch of sights we'd visited on our recent trip to Paris. I fell asleep during the movie and my face felt all swollen and gross when I woke up from the makeup on my face and the chips I had been consuming.


July 7, 2015

Pretty Please. (*****)

Good Evening,

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The Beauty Junkie campaign I did for Mecca Maxima went up last week!

 photo IMG_7806.jpg

It's quite an exciting promo, we're featuring 5 prolific Australian beauty bloggers and their hauls of all the products they're obsessed with.


My brief was pretty much to put Instagram on a window. Being a bit of a social media addict myself, it was a fun promotion to have had the opportunity to work on!

 photo IMG_7824.jpg

Each of the 5 bloggers collaborated with Kit to create their own nail varnish colour too! Customers who spend over $65 get to choose a shade to have as a gift with purchase. I won the full set at work after being one of the first to post a #MECCABeautyJunkie photo to Instagram.

 photo IMG_7783.jpg

Speaking of work perks… We all got given these Stila eyeshadow palettes! Score! I'd been eyeing this palette, Stila eyeshadows are my fave.

 photo IMG_7822.jpg

The hotspots I designed for Maxima also went into store last week! I think they look fun!


I'm an awful person - I'm exchanging a gift that was given to me for my birthday back in February… Dean got me a Brooks saddle that I was eyeing but in the wrong colour. Until recently I was fine with the colour he'd accidentally got for me but after seeing those photos of my frame I knew I had to have the saddle I'd initially had in my vision for the build.

 photo IMG_7711.jpg
 photo IMG_7710.jpg

It's in it's original packaging but I had stupidly opened the owner information envelope… I wrote the website a card [a bike card!] in hope that they'll understand my situation. Cyclists I know have told me that Wiggle are known for their excellent customer service and considering how massive they are, I should be good.

 photo IMG_7717.jpg

I had to ship it back to the UK which ended up costing $40… I'm very nervous - it's been 8 days and I haven't heard from them… If it gets lost in the mail, that's $200+ down the drain. Speaking of which - I don't like how Australia Post don't compensate for lost packages unless you pay extra for insurance!


 photo IMG_7719.jpg

On Tuesday our team at work went out for a birthday lunch at Drugstore Espresso.


 photo IMG_7746.jpg

A couple of days later I accompanied my workmate to a new starter buddy lunch at Top Paddock. The soft shell crab burger was the best thing I'd tried at the place so far… I'm not a massive fan of the other items I've had from the menu.


 photo IMG_7750.jpg

A Messina opened down the road from work… Very dangerous for my hip pocket.


 photo IMG_7754.jpg

Had a Korean BBQ banquet with my mom on Friday night at Gu.e - their banquets are awesome.


 photo IMG_7772.jpg

Had a lazy Saturday lunch with my best friends at The Fitz.

 photo IMG_7774.jpg

After leaving my girlfriends, I met up with my workmates at Siglo for a drink. I didn't realise there was another bar above the Supper Club, great classic European vibes.

 photo IMG_7780.jpg

After drinks we had a delicious feast to celebrate a workmate's upcoming wedding at Gingerboy. Above is the dessert platter.


 photo IMG_7792.jpg

Had lunch on Sunday with Dean at Cobb Lane, a great little cafe in Yarraville.

 photo IMG_7786.jpg

I got the salad which is quite out of character for me but I wanted to save money. It was okay, pretty good as far as salads go anyway.

 photo IMG_7819.jpg

For dessert I had this delightful lemon eclair! Cobb Lane is one of the best places to get cake in Melbourne IMO. Delish.


 photo IMG_7810.jpg

That night, I joined Dean's family for dinner at Baby to celebrate one of Dean's brothers' birthday.


No photo evidence but the following day at work, we went on a team lunch to Kong to celebrate the arrival of our new team member! He seems cool… I knew he'd be cool from the time I stalked his Instagram prior meeting him… #creep. 


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