July 21, 2014

Spontaneous Drive. (****)

Good Evening,

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Not sure if it's obvious but I got a haircut over the weekend... I'm in the process of growing it out but it was already beginning to get ratty with severe split ends!

 photo IMG_8703_zps25bad981.jpg

See, it was growing pretty steadily but I can't stand split ends... The bob wasn't at an equal length either, due to my asymmetrical short hairstyle prior to it. Not bummed about the 7cm or so lost, my hair seems to grow pretty rapidly and time is flying by faster than ever lately.


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My lunch sometime last week from the Beer and Burger Bar. All this for a mere $15!

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Another lunch last week at Hellas, their legendary spicy chicken soup! It's a hit amongst MECCA girls and for good reason, it's so delicious.


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1234! Wish I could cap it at that to maintain the cool number.


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Met Dean at the Alpha 60 sale on Saturday and headed out for lunch with him at 3PM... It was hard to find anywhere open at that hour so we ended up at Vegie Bar and had quite a feast. I had at least 10 scoops of ice cream over the weekend, surprisingly didn't feel too sick as a result.


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Deanus and I went on a spontaneous road trip down to the Mornington Peninsula on Sunday, it was so last minute that we arrived in the afternoon around 3:30PM... We didn't have any plans so we just walked around for a bit.

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This little beach reminded me of Lake Taupo, my hometown. The sound of the gentle waves was very nostalgic.

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We drove up to Arthur's Seat for the sunrise, the view was quite beautiful. Triple J were playing Chet Faker's Live at the Wireless which elevated our experience above the clouds.

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We struggled finding a decent place to have dinner and ended up at "God's Kitchen" which was a converted church. It was just your average pub food, I didn't mind it.


This customer service program I'm doing for three days commenced today. Even though I don't directly interact with customers, the skills they're exploring can be applied to everyday life. We talked a lot today about having empathy... Something I'll need to reflect on next time I come across conflicting situations as I can be stubborn sometimes...

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Had lunch with the support centre girls at Alices (?). I had the soup but it was more of a pasta, it was still pretty good.


July 16, 2014

Insta-bud (*****)

Good Evening,

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On Saturday my dad wanted to take my brother and I on a drive in his new hybrid car, it's so quiet! It sounds like a golf buggy. We went for a short drive to Hawthorn and had a lovely brunch at Crabapple Kitchen.

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We loved the homey vibes. They were so busy but each staff member was super friendly and didn't show any signs of stress.

 photo IMG_2681.jpg

Their branding reminded me a lot of Crabtree and Evelyn... Even if the "Crab" wasn't in it.

 photo IMG_2683.jpg

My food was tasty but I think it was waiting at the kitchen for a while because it wasn't really hot. I'm still keen to go back though, perhaps for the set menu on Friday nights.

 photo IMG_2695.jpg

That night I had dinner with Dean's family for his little brother's 11th birthday dinner... I got him an iPod dock thing, apparently he needed one. We went to Koko in crown and had teppanyaki, the guy we had that night was better than the guy we'd had in the past.

I think it was around 10pm by the time we finished dinner... Dean and I drove to Ferguson's house to attend his birthday party. Dean and I met at Ferguson's house so it feels very nostalgic when we go back.


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On Sunday night I met up with a group of girls from high school, we had dinner at Vapianos.


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After work on Monday I participated in another Mecca Cosmetica photoshoot... I'm very curious to see the finished product, it's gonna be interesting.


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On Tuesday I had a work conference in the city which wrapped up early so I hung out with James who was killing time in the city alone. I wrote about it at the time, but in October (?) of last year I was riding my bike down a deserted road and spotted him and his girlfriend (Ella... You may know her as Lorde...) and gave them a big grin... Later that day, James and I got in chatting on Instagram and we've been Insta-friends (lol) ever since. Never thought we'd meet in real life but we hung out for a couple of hours in the city yesterday, he was a lovely guy, super duper nice.

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James had actually contacted me last week offering me a couple of doorspots for the Lorde concert! I was so surprised and delighted when I woke up to the message. I actually had purchased tickets for my bestfriend (who is from interstate) and I for her April tour that got postponed so I had them refunded because rescheduling was taking a while.

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Before the show, Dean and I had a fairly light dinner at Mister Nice Guy, a cute little Thai restaurant close(ish) to the venue. Their roti was goooooooood and the waitress was cute.

 photo IMG_8680.jpg

Lorde exceeded expectations (which were high!), her voice was flawless and she had so much charisma on stage, she is such a star.  The show itself was so spectacular, a visual delight and so uniquely Lorde.

 photo IMG_2715.jpg

Check out the confetti, so cool...

I couldn't stop sneezing for the couple of hours we were in the crowd... It always happens to me in old venues surrounded by moist people...

 photo IMG_8678.jpg

Ugh. This was literally my view for the whole night (yes, yes, I did take this photo but in my defense, my hands were up for maybe 4 seconds in total for the whole night). All these kids (this was an all ages show) had their phones out filming the whole show on their lousy iPhone cameras, it annoyed me so much... This girl behind me had the nerve to use my shoulder to stabilize her phone camera (!!!) I jerked my shoulder so hard in hope that she'd drop her dumb phone to get stampled on!!! Haha, bitter I am.

ANYWAY, my sneezing fits and little kids aside... Last night was amazing, we had a great time. We are forever in James' debt.


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I admit I was quite sleepy at work today due to a late night last night. My co-woker and I had a nice lunch at Dimitri's Feast, I had the calamari souvlaki, it was delicious!

Must go to sleep before 11pm tonight, need to catch up on my zzzzzzzzzzz's.


July 12, 2014

Handwash Imposter. (***)

Good Morning,

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Weeks are just flying by for me lately! Which is a positive thing because A) it means I'm enjoying myself and B) it'll be spring in no time!

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As mentioned in my last post, my brother and I had dinner with our dad at Portello Rosso on Sunday night. I love this place, it's my favourite tapas restaurant in Melbourne. we had quite the feast...

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 photo IMG_2625.jpg
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 photo IMG_2631.jpg
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 photo IMG_2638.jpg
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Everything was super delicious but the standouts were the duck salad and the squid ink paella! I've had the regular paella here (yummy) but the squid ink paella is simply next level. 

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I noticed this last year but they have Kit handwash bottles re-filled with that cheap pink soap you get in public toilets... I'm not sure if that's quite fair... Customers will think that the pink stuff is the actual product!


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Lunch break series for this week...


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Oh man. Dean took me out for a nice surprise dinner at Chez Olivier... I was so embarrassed when the waiter guided us to our table to find this. I was relieved to hear that the rose thing was a service they offer at the restaurant, I thought he had planned it externally! Although I was embarrassed, I'm grateful for the romantic gesture, haha.

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Everything was delicious as usual. One thing I regret though, is not going with my instinct... I ordered my eye fillet steak to be cooked medium but the waitress told me to get it at medium rare so I took her advice and it was just too raw for my liking... I gave the middle part to Dean, I felt too awkward to return it to the kitchen.


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On Thursday I got sign off on my first big project at work and a super sweet senior co-worker gave me this cute little gift! I've never had a hot water bottle, I'm so in love with it! I carry it in my arms all day at work and it's just so comforting. I can't wait to see what I've been working on come to life, I even dreamed of it last night... Haha.

Ahhhh. I'm in such a good mood! I've got so much to look forward to in the next week!


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