August 23, 2014

Mani. (****)

Good Afternoon,

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What wonderful weather in Melbourne today! I'm so ready for Spring! This has been my first full winter in Melbourne since 2011 and I'm so over it... I'm mainly sick of my winter wardrobe - I hate winter fashion.

This past week has been a very economical one for me. Rode to work, packed my lunches, and didn't go out for any midweek dinners.


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Yesterday at work they had a manicure station set up in the office with all the Mecca Cosmetica nail colours and their brand new products to assist in perfecting your nails. As a very impatient nail painter, my favourite product is the Ready Set Quick Dry Nail Mist - the name speaks for itself.

 photo IMG_2928_zps78ee5d04.jpg

The Polished Up Mani-Pedi Perfector is also a tool I need in my life... For when you get nail polish on your skin around your nails (ie. every time).

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From midday yesterday, the design team went on an excursion to visit various stores and showrooms participating in Melbourne Indesign - more relevant to interior designers than graphic designers, but it's always good to be exposed to other areas in design.

All these places we visited were excellent hosts... We got so much free food and drinks, heh.

 photo IMG_2930_zpsa84d31e7.jpg

... and napkins!

 photo IMG_2935_zps3c3bdf87.jpg
 photo IMG_2936_zps330793dd.jpg
 photo IMG_2938_zps1fb532a5.jpg
 photo IMG_2939_zps1bdf265d.jpg

So many sweet treats! This is just a snippet of how spoilt we were.

Visiting all these furniture showrooms made me wish I had my own place to decorate! ... But in reality, I feel like I'd be too poor to indulge in such things if I were to move out right now. I wish they sold more Muji furniture here... So stylish and affordable... I want my whole house to be Muji (including their BGM soundtracks!).

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Had a very quiet Friday night at home. Had a flick through a couple of magazines I picked up at Melbourne Indesign. I quickly lost interest in Habitus with ads on every spread distracting me... But Alquimie was a beautiful publication, I spent some time admiring the layout design then gave it to my brother who appreciates quality alcoholic beverages (being a part-time bartender).

Looks like this weekend will be a peaceful one. A quiet week is a good week IMO.


P.S. I would really appreciate it if people would quit being nice to me only when they want something from me... Lately a bunch of people I barely know have been in contact asking for favors ... and to be honest, ceebs.

August 19, 2014

Little Creatures. (*****)

Good Evening,

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I didn't end up doing anything on Saturday after writing my previous post... I had that photoshoot scheduled for the afternoon but it was postponed due to the photographer being ill. I was notified just as I was finishing up my make-up (grr)... It felt like a waste to not go outside with my face done up so I just went for a stroll down High St.

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I'd been quite pimply recently so I popped into Mecca and asked the host to recommend an acne treatment to suit my skin type (dry + sensitive), she convinced me to try out the Malin + Goetz product... At only $30 (ish?), I had nothing to lose.

 photo IMG_2882_zps4ee03a62.jpg

After one night's application all my smaller sized pimples were gone in the morning and the larger ones had shrunk noticeably! It hasn't had drying affects on my skin either! Amazing...


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 photo IMG_9130_zpsb67ef427.jpg

On Sunday Dean and I went on a mini road trip down to Geelong! We checked out the fairly new Little Creatures brewery (opened in Dec last year), I knew it'd be good fun but it exceeded my expectations! We first headed to the canteen, I was so keen to stuff my face in fatty food after a week of semi-dieting leading up to the photoshoot (By semi-dieting I mean cutting down on sweets and junk food).

 photo IMG_2889_zpsc686a120.jpg

They gave us two of these pizzas by mistake, yippee!

 photo IMG_2891_zps17aee373.jpg
 photo IMG_2890_zps275d9951.jpg
 photo IMG_2892_zps3d431aa4.jpg

Wish the lamb rips hadn't come last when I was ready to explode (so full due to the bonus pizza!)... They were so yummy but would've been better enjoyed with a less-full stomach.

 photo IMG_2896_zps27a78e97.jpg

The canteen was at its full capacity, it was buzzing! Lots of kids parties (!) and large gatherings... We even saw a couple of familiar faces from Melbourne.

 photo IMG_9133_zps779af82a.jpg
 photo IMG_9151_zps6b6bb04a.jpg
 photo IMG_9152_zps32cd2d4e.jpg

We participated in the brewery tour which was very educational! I have a new found appreciation for beer (even though I can't enjoy the taste yet...) and respect for Little Creatures as a company, they're as environmentally friendly as you can get. Our tour guide was engaging and very knowledgeable... He'd slip in a little trivia here and there like how the difference between "low carb" beer and regular beer is the equivalent to 2 grains of rice (!)... and that in a scene of a Star Trek movie, they're running around in a spaceship that's actually a brewery.

 photo IMG_9150_zps3d89da1c.jpg

Following the tour we had a tasting of all the different types of beer they have on offer (around 10 varieties?!). I'd never noticed how different they were, I actually didn't mind a few of them! I felt very intelligent talking beer with my dad and brother later that evening.

 photo IMG_2898_zps789dfd54.jpg

I surprisingly had room in my stomach for dessert after the tour! This brownie was bliss! It was perhaps the best brownie I've ever had!

 photo IMG_9155_zps526e96ef.jpg

Dean kindly drove me to St. Kilda from Geelong as I had a dinner at Wabi Sabi Garden with my family planned.

 photo IMG_2900_zpsaaae772a.jpg
 photo IMG_2903_zps3bc0064d.jpg
 photo IMG_2901_zps07ba7336.jpg
 photo IMG_2904_zps5f2bb37a.jpg
 photo IMG_2906_zps6d1e3bb5.jpg

Yummy! I feel like I'm in Japan when I go to this restaurant.


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Had a strong craving for the spicy chicken soup from Hellas on Monday, so I went on my own for lunch. It's such a hit, everyone seated around me was ordering it!


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My oriental face was on the Kit HQ staff picks e-mail that went out today... Haha.


August 16, 2014

Two and Twenty One. (*****)

Good Afternoon,

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I'm currently eating a bowl of yoghurt with an assortment of fruits and the orange pieces taste like cheese burgers! The mandarin I ate in the morning also had a cheese burger taste... A restaurant I went to last night smelt of cheese burgers too (due to it being on the menu, though). I have never been a particular fan of cheese burgers but I feel like I need to consume one in order to cancel out the taste of them in citrus fruits!


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It was Miss Papillion's 2nd birthday on Monday so I thought I'd get her chains a little maintenance on the eve of her turning 2.

It was also my brother's birthday on Monday, he turned 21. On the eve of his birthday we had a casual dinner at Mama Papa (my second time that week!)

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I love Thai dumplings!

 photo IMG_2855_zpsdb4629dc.jpg

Best roti in Melbourne... As voted by me.

 photo IMG_2856_zps19add865.jpg

The lamb (or was beef?) curry was tasty but the meat to curry ratio wasn't to my liking (I'd prefer less meat...)

 photo IMG_2857_zps1f8c6280.jpg

Yum. We were so full after this dinner.


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My colleague who sits next to me at work came back from a holiday in Africa on Monday and had these cute souvenirs for each team member, I got the zebra! He now lives on top of my iMac.

 photo IMG_2858_zpsc660a54d.jpg

Joined a few of my colleagues for lunch at Love Pho... Was planning to keep my tummy fairly empty for my brother's 21st dinner that night but ended up having a big bowl of noodles.

 photo IMG_2862_zps753d721a.jpg
 photo IMG_2859_zpsa580fda0.jpg
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The family gathered to celebrate Jay's 21st at Rockpool. I think it's so special how they print the date on the menus everyday. We had a great experience there, the waiters are professional yet personable, the atmosphere is special and the food was delicious... We over-ordered as per usual.

 photo IMG_2861_zps8a4e1004.jpg
 photo IMG_2863_zps5cda11ac.jpg
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I ordered the fish thinking it would be the most healthy option but it turned out to be deep fried! Oh well, it was really good.

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 photo IMG_2867_zpse4156097.jpg
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Our waiter probably felt sorry for my brother not having a birthday cake and kindly brought him a little tart with a candle in the middle, so sweet of him.

 photo IMG_9090_zps5a78f21f.jpg

Little did he know that we had a massive cake back at home...


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The week was a pretty chilled one, before I knew it, it was Friday. Had lunch in the sun at Top Paddock with a group of girls from work.

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Went out for dinner last night with Monica and Shenia, it felt so good to be reunited. We had a sensible dinner at Shimbashi where they make their own soba noodles... Come to think of it, Melbourne lacks places that do soba the traditional ways (there are loads of hip  cafes with soba salads and such though...). I wouldn't be surprised if it's the next Melbourne food-craze though, considering how guilt-free and delicious it is!

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Got home before midnight and came across my dream room-wear set on Facebook! A Lowry's Farm collaboration with LINE... Waaaaaant. Wouldn't wear character prints out but it's a different story for inside the house! They're subtle anyway, how cute is little Cony popping out of the butt pocket?!


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