January 27, 2015

Exxopolis. (*****)

Good Evening,

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For the most of Sunday I stayed at home, had the generous sleep-in and all. Do you know what my brother does? He is a genius. On days that he can afford to sleep in he sets his alarm as if he needs to wake up at 7AM so he can experience the longing for more sleep and then goes back to sleep! I think I'll start copying him.


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On Saturday I found out that Japanese Wallpaper was playing at the Royal Croquet Club on Saturday night… Was hoping to go with Dean but that fell through and the friends I asked couldn't be bothered. I was close to going solo but my dad was at the tennis so agreed to join me. Yay!

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Looking sharp in his tennis attire.

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I'd recently gotten into Japanese Wallpaper through Soundcloud, I thought he was a producer but he sung during his set which was a pleasant surprise. In his recordings he features different vocalists:

Such a talent and at only 17 years old, definitely one to watch! Breathe In was in the soundtrack for Zach Braff's, "Wish I Was Here" if it sounds familiar. I think my dad and I stood next to his parents, so cute.


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Monday was Australia Day, so a public holiday. Dean was back in Melbourne after spending a week in Adelaide. We decided to check out The Kettle Black… One of Melbourne's most hyped up cafes. I had wallaby meat on my scrambled eggs… Wallaby on Australia Day… I got it because I was told it was their most popular hot dish on their menu, it was very underwhelming though… Dean's pulled pork eggs benedict was tastier but nothing special… I think considering the hype and the fact that we waited 20 mins for a table, it was pretty disappointing.

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After lunch we were thinking of things we could do and Dean suggested visiting the Exxopolis by Architecture of Air which was up for Summersalt. I sussed out their Instagram and found out that it's free entry for people with 1000+ followers on Instagram, yay (smart marketing)! When the middle aged lady at the ticket box saw Dean's 2000+ followers she went, "Oooh~ look at you and your followers". Not sure if she was taking the piss.

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Exxopolis is what they referred to as a "Luminarium", like an Aquarium but with light and air… And because it was Australia Day, they had a special ambient Australian soundtrack playing inside. We waited in line for a while but it was good because I'd rather wait than it be crowded inside.

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It was such a cool experience! Wish we could have stayed longer than the 20 minutes allowed just to relax.

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Australia Day decorations…

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I wanted to have the special edition Messina ice cream at The Royal Croquet Club so went for a second time. We ended up sharing a jug of Pimm's and having a savoury bite too.

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That shredded beef and kimchi on seasoned fries was so good! From a Vietnamese food truck.

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We walked past these pretties on the way back to the car!

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Me not helping while Dean cleans his car… They were playing the top 2 of the Hottest 100 and I didn't want to miss it! So glad that Chet Faker got the top position, with my favourite song of his too! Much, much deserved.


January 25, 2015

Homecoming. (****)

Good Afternoon,

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Working in Richmond, we've always been spoiled for choice with lunch options but it just a whole lot better with the introduction of Hunky Dory! It was absolute bliss sitting in to have my lunch on a pleasant summer's day with all their large windows open to allow the breeze in.

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I can't not order the fish wrap… Ugh, I want one right now.


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Got featured in another staff picks e-mail… My mom said I looked shy and my photo looked like a passport photo compared to the others'.


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Yessss, summer is great at Mecca. Our freezers got stocked with a wide variety of ice cream last week.


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I'm giving away my neglected electric guitar from 10 years ago! So nostalgic, I'd say my biggest interest when I was 12 was music… NME was my bible (lol), I invested time in teaching myself the guitar and I remember forming a band in music class and performing 12:51 by The Strokes, we were probably really sloppy but it felt so good! I also managed to see all my favourite bands live (thank goodness for the all-ages area at Festival hall!), it started with Green Day, The Strokes, Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, We Are Scientists, Kaiser Chiefs, etc… Then I started attending shows of local acts like The Grates, Midnight Juggernauts, Bob Evans, Architecture in Helsinki, Faker etc.

I feel like I was cooler when I was 12 than I am now at 22!


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Finally wore my brushed silk dress from Gianna Molinaro yesterday! The back is very low and I was feeling quite self-conscious about my bare broad and squishy back but it felt liberating at the same time, really comfy on a hot day.

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AHH! Bianca is back in Melbourne… Permanently! After over 3 years, she's back for good!

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This warms my heart! The company of my three favourite girls.

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We caught up over Moroccan cuisine at Sahara… Tried to get into their rooftop but was denied entry because I had no I.D. on me, I'm just a burden in these situations, we weren't even intending to drink anyway! So we ate at their restaurant. It was yummy!

By the time we knew it, 8 hours of girl talk had passed and it was time to go home. Bianca very generously offered to drive me home which was really great as it was getting pretty cold and I was nervous about my bare back on public transport after midnight…


January 20, 2015

20.01.15 (*****)

Good Evening,

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Finally got around to using my ticket to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition on at the NGV over the weekend.

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With the National Gallery of Victoria, Mecca Cosmetica produced these limited edition nail appliqués… I got into the spirit and applied mine before heading to the exhibition. They were super easy to apply and they don't damage your nails the way that nail polish does.

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Met up with the two girls who were interning at Mecca a couple of months ago. We had delicious haloumi bagels from Jungle Juice before going to the gallery. It was a pleasure seeing both of them again, so good to hear of their recent achievements!

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 photo IMG_4673_zps4147bbc7.jpg
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The exhibition was curated well and sparked interest, it was fun how they had different themes for each room. I'm not going to lie, I didn't know of Jean Paul Gaultier's existence prior to hearing about our involvement with the exhibition at Mecca… So as much as I like what he stands for and appreciate the creative detail in his garments, it isn't really an aesthetic that appeals personally to me. This is really unintelligent of me but instead of analysing the pieces, I'd read the little blurbs and read things like, "worn by Beyonce" and be dazzled by how tiny she must be in real life to fit into such a playsuit.

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After the JPG show we went over to the Romance Was Born kid's exhibition. We decorated funky beards… My cheeks were too chubby for my beard.

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They looked much better as tiaras. When viewed upside-down, my beard displayed a jolly face!

 photo IMG_4724_zps1aa01343.jpg

When I got home later that night I placed the beard on Cony and had a little laugh to myself. My mom didn't find it amusing.


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Eeeeeep! Got my hands on the Clarisonic Mia 2 deep cleansing device from Kit.

 photo IMG_4715_zpsc417ba99.jpg

So futuristic! The charger is magnetic!

I initially thought using a Clarisonic would be too time consuming but I swear, a Clarisonic minute feels like 20 seconds! It actually is speedier than my manual cleanse. There's a timer that is one minute in full but it indicates when you should move to the next facial area (so after 20 seconds on the forehead, it'll beep and you know to move on to the chin)… So clever! Another concern I had with the device was that it'd be too rough on my sensitive skin but it's soooo gentle.

I've only used it twice so far but I can see and feel a difference in my skin already! The biggest difference at this stage being the texture of my skin, it was so smooth this morning. I took a "before" photo after my first use and will definitely take an "after" in a month or so to compare.

All this talk about the Clarisonic is getting me excited about washing my face after this…


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My co-worker and I finally went on our breakfast bike ride this morning! We'd been planning since Autumn to ride to a cafe and have breakfast before riding our matching bikes into work together. Our cafe of choice was Drugstore Espresso on Toorak rd, I had the fancy coconut bowl that came with a glass of  the fresh coconut water from the bowl! It was a visual delight, totally insta-worthy. Our breakfast and ride before work was so pleasant,  we ought to do it again. What a great way to start the day.

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