December 16, 2014

PANTONE 705 C (*****)

Good Evening,

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I'm so excited... I've decided to get a new bike! As much as I am emotionally attached to Miss Papillionaire I think it's time for me to move on... When I first bought my current bike I went for something cheap because I wasn't sure if I'd make a proper habit of riding everyday but in the past few years I've proven to myself that I'm committed and I think it's time I got an upgrade.

 photo IMG_4173-2.jpg

What I'm thrilled about is that I'm going to get it custom built - I even get to choose the exact colour (going for the PANTONE 705 C)! It's going to be a long process but will definitely be worth it in the end when I'm riding my dream bike.


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On Friday a group of us from work went to sus out Botherambo for lunch, they opened up last week. I don't think any of us hated it but nor did we love it... I thought it was tasty but I'd hoped for something more special at that price point ($18 for the lunch set). It was like normal take-away Thai food served in a fancy environment...

 photo IMG_4171-1.jpg

We bought a box of Magnum Egos with double caramel for dessert - my favourite!


 photo IMG_4214-1.jpg

Dean and I had brunch at Miss Marmalade in Brunswick on Sunday, we both really liked it! My dish only filled me up 40% though, I was still hungry after it.

 photo IMG_4218.jpg

So I had a yummy slice of passionfruit sponge cake from Green Refectory! Soooo cheap at only $4!

 photo IMG_4223.jpg

We then headed into Port Melbourne to watch the last hour of the SKCC Super Crits! I was so amazed at their speed and coordination! Traveling 50km per hour so closely packed together! So brave...

 photo IMG_4226.jpg

They had free donuts at the end, heh.

 photo IMG_4229-1.jpg

We had an early dinner at Etto in South Melbourne. It was good considering the price ($10 for mine) but my pasta was way under cooked - Dean's was a lot yummier. The garlic bread was delicious too but when is garlic bread ever not good?!?

I've had a pretty slow start to the week at work, hopefully I get busier tomorrow!


December 11, 2014

Good Food Week. (*****)

Good Evening,

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I forgot to mention in my last post that a long time reader of this blog (since 2009!) approached me in the city last week to say hi and give me kind words of encouragement, she was so sweet! If you're reading this, thank you! You made my day.


 photo IMG_0530.jpg

I often bump into Dean on the street on the way to work. This is the fresh Kit he won from Pedla! Most people seem to cringe at the idea of lycra but there are some local brands who are really elevating fashion in cycling.


 photo IMG_0555.jpg

Mecca Maxima holiday edition packaging, the golden bags are so much fun!


 photo IMG_4073.jpg
 photo IMG_4075.jpg

This silk top and skirt are officially my all time favourite buys from ASOS! Ahh.

 photo IMG_4087.jpg

The team + the intern had lunch in the city on Friday. We had a very delicious feast at Chin Chin (not pictured above...). Here are some dishes we enjoyed:

 photo IMG_4079.jpg
 photo IMG_4080.jpg
 photo IMG_4081.jpg
 photo IMG_4082.jpg
 photo IMG_4083.jpg
 photo IMG_4084.jpg

A really good variety, we did well in our order.

By the time we finished lunch it was 4pm and I had Dean's work Christmas dinner from 6:30PM at Cutler & Co... I was so full and had no appetite but I was excited to suss out the place.

 photo IMG_4090.jpg

Only took a sneaky snap of the dessert... I had a cocktail that tasted like a raspberry lemonade (way too sweet...), the duck entree, the chicken main, and the melon and cucumber ice cream for dessert. The savory dishes were pretty underwhelming but I did like the post main palette cleanser and the dessert. A great venue though and it was nice to see Dean's workmates again.


 photo IMG_4103-1.jpg

Cooked curry udon with Dean the following day.

 photo IMG_4105.jpg

And had chocolate fondue!


On Sunday Monica and Shenia came over which was really nice. 


 photo IMG_0586.png

Monday was the Mecca Support Centre Christmas party at Supernormal (another Andrew McConnell restaurant!).

 photo IMG_0594.jpg
 photo IMG_0593.jpg

Mecca rented out the whole restaurant - it was such a pretty venue. The food tasted a lot better to when I first visited too, it was actually very delicious this time. We had a big banquet, I only took a photo of a couple of dishes...

 photo IMG_4119.jpg
 photo IMG_4120.jpg

It was lovely celebrating the company's achievements for this year surrounded by such cleaver people - So proud to be a part of the business.

 photo IMG_0590.jpg

If we weren't spoiled enough with the beautiful food, we got given Christmas presents! A funky pouch from the Mecca x A-Esque collaboration and inside it, a Kindle tablet! So generous...

... Looking back, last week was a good food week.


December 2, 2014

Painfully Slow. (*****)

Good Evening,

 photo IMG_0517.jpg

This is the lovely dress that I redeemed with my Bul voucher! I love it so much. It's mostly cotton but the top panel (below the collar) is a thick linen, a nice detail that I didn't notice on the runway.

 photo IMG_0521.jpg

If I ever get pregnant I won't be needing any maternity clothes, not with my baggy wardrobe.


 photo IMG_3978.jpg

COS opened their first Australian store in Melbourne last Friday! Dean and I went to check it out on Sunday, by then the hype had already died down. I sit next to an Irish girl at work who always wears great COS pieces so I was looking forward to finally having access to the brand. If I were to compare COS to an existing Australian retailer I'd say that their aesthetic and price tag are quite similar to those of Country Road in recent years. I'm going to resist temptation and wait out for their sales... Considering they're owned by H&M, I expect prices to drop post season.

 photo IMG_3985_2.jpg

Dean actually won an Instagram competition last week as well! He won a super nice full cycling kit from Pedla! They were so kind to chuck in a pair of socks for me too.

 photo IMG_0525.jpg

Supporting our matching couple life.

 photo IMG_4044.jpg

Had lunch with Dean at that French cafe inside of the Emporium on Sunday.

 photo IMG_3987_2.jpg

They accidentally gave me a full toasted sandwich with my soup (those kind of mistakes are totally welcome!).

 photo IMG_4020.jpg

We escaped the heat and hung out at the NGV for the rest of the afternoon. I probably should've taken the shop assistant's advice when she told me to wear my new shoes in with socks on at home because the tough leather was causing my much grief... Limping, I cried to Dean, "Paaaaaain" and he replied, "Yeah, painfully slow".

 photo IMG_4027_2.jpg

Checked out the free David Shrigley exhibition after hearing about it from my manager. It was fun! I like an interactive exhibition and Dean liked his sense of humor.

 photo IMG_4032.jpg
 photo IMG_4034_2.jpg

Afterwards we had ice cream at Movenpick, the caramel flavour was delish.

 photo IMG_4041.jpg


The second intern from RMIT started on Monday, turns out that she's good mates with Takoyaki and a friend of Takoyaki is a friend of mine.

 photo IMG_4056.jpg

Her and a couple us from the team had a quick lunch at Hella's. This veggie burger is yummier than it looks in this picture.

 photo IMG_4057_2.jpg

On Monday we had a masterclass at the Mecca Cosmetica flagship store for staff! There were drinks and nibbles and we got some makeup tips and tricks.

 photo IMG_4059.jpg

We also all received the NARS x Guy Bourdin eyeliner set as a gift!


November 29, 2014

29.11.14 (*****)

Good Evening,

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Had an excellent start to the week - I was announced the winner of that Bul regram competition that I had mentioned in my last post!

 photo IMG_3826.png

Yippee! I was so stoked when I found out, I'd reeeeeeally wanted it.

 photo IMG_0504.jpg

The prize was a $600 voucher! I went in today and used it on a pair of lovely leather shoes (the colour make them so versatile!) and a dress that I had been eying since I had seen it on the runway at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week - was so pleased to see that it came in black.


 photo IMG_0427.jpg

Went to Lulo with my dad on Saturday night for a light dinner. We like it there, a great tapas place.

 photo IMG_3807.jpg
 photo IMG_3808.jpg
 photo IMG_3809.jpg

In the words of my dad, "It hit the right spot" on a hot day when neither of us had much of an appetite.


 photo IMG_0436.jpg

On Sunday Dean and I went to the South Melbourne market in matching outfits...Ha.

 photo IMG_3818.jpg

We had an amazing lunch at Koy, a Turkish restaurant that I had been recommended recently. The goat crepe-y wrap things were my favourite.

 photo IMG_3822.jpg

I made him hold the baguette for the photo... Poor boyfriend.


 photo IMG_3829.jpg
 photo IMG_3830.jpg

On Monday one of the interns from RMIT started her week with us, she was very lovely, humble and picked things up really quickly (a million times faster than myself last year...). A girl in my team was like, "Aw Ellen you've made yourself a friend!" - it was nice having somebody my age who shared similar interests. Anyway, the intern introduced us to Pana Chocolate during our lunch break... They do healthy cakes but they don't taste healthy, they were too yummy to be healthy! I ride my bike past the shop everyday, I can't believe I hadn't noticed it before (wish I had).


 photo IMG_3835.jpg
 photo IMG_3837.jpg
 photo IMG_3838.jpg

On Tuesday night my mom and I had dinner at Barca. It was yum and the lady there was energetic as always.


 photo IMG_3861.jpg
 photo IMG_3849.jpg

My recent ASOS buys arrived in the mail last week (they ship in a week these days - very impressed!) Unsure about this crazy print shirt... It matches the colours of my primer. I also purchased that white top that I'm wearing in the first photo of this post from Asos - I'm really happy with that purchase.

 photo IMG_3885.jpg

On Thursday night some members of the design team attended KW Doggett's calendar launch. Saw a few familiar faces and there was food, drinks (yay) and a balloon lady making dog hats... We were waiting in line for a hat when she left and gave me this little guy with a mystery black bit...

Wasn't concentrating on the train home and accidentally got off at a station too early... Toorak and Armadale stations are identical, this was bound to happen... I waited 17 minutes for the next train (would've been faster to walk but... heels).


 photo IMG_3889.jpg

Peonies are everywhere in my life! Here's a lovely bunch of white peonies at work.

 photo IMG_0483_2.jpg

My dotty ensemble yesterday. Unfortunately ran out of time to go to the COS opening, keen to have a peek tomorrow.


 photo IMG_3919.jpg

Another dinner with my dad tonight. We went to B'Stilla for the first time. Moroccan food is go yum on a hot day! Both the food and service was great, we'll be back for sure.

 photo IMG_3920.jpg
 photo IMG_3921.jpg
 photo IMG_3923.jpg


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