August 30, 2015

Playground. (*****)

Good Evening,

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The best thing I saw this week:

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So accurate.

The second best thing I saw this week:

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 photo IMG_1770_zpsnqvehu0d.jpg
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The September promotion I designed for Mecca Maxima is up on windows! I still get excited seeing my work in real life.


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Last Sunday Dean and I visited Bibelot for an afternoon sweet treat. Great space with everything to satisfy those with a sweet tooth… The flowers in the seating area were rotting and smelled offensive  though, I had to request to move to another table.


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Had a Brown Bag Lunch catered by Miss Chu at work on Tuesday, the founder of Boost came to do a Q&A with the founder of our company. She was interesting and had a lot of bizzare stories to share.


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Went on a lunch date with a friend from work at Fonda on Wednesday, it was her last week! I'm so bummed that I won't be seeing her everyday, she's so much fun.


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Saw a Jean Paul Gaultier documentary at ACMI with my lovely team from work. Afterwards, we had a great dinner at Gyoza Douraku where we got the best seats in the house in the private booth - it felt like we were Japanese salary[wo]men at an Izakaya.


 photo IMG_8607_zpssvxr4isj.jpg

Jimmy Grants opened up in Richmond last weekend! The team went down for lunch on Friday, we managed to dodge the rush by 5 minutes. It was delicious but their soft serve machine was out of order which was a massive disappointment as we'd gone especially for the chocolate baklava salted caramel soft serve! Must try again this week.


Attended farewell drinks for my friend after work on Friday night. Woke up early on Saturday morning to check out the Pet Shop Girls closing down sale… Everything was too cheap! I scored a Frapbois shirt for $30 (!!!) and a Ne-Net top for $80. 

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 photo IMG_8660_zps2ojlzixj.jpg

Walked around the city with Dean for a bit yesterday. Participated in a couple of MSFW activations that the Emporium had on over the weekend. The ball pit Photo Booth was fun! Didn't realise that the logo would be positioned there though #regrets.

 photo IMG_8659_zpsocnypd3h.jpg

Finally went to Shortstop Donuts. THEY WERE YUM. Possibly the best donuts in town.

 photo IMG_8670_zpshobttqez.jpg

Had lunch afterwards at Operator 25. I really liked it there, the contents of the menu were unique so it was difficult to choose! Definitely a top brunch top in the CBD.

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My arm/hand modelling debut for Maxima's Instagram. Totes raking in the likes.


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Had a very satisfying lunch at Chez Dre with my mom today. I've always said that I didn't LOVE the non-cake stuff there but I've changed my position on that, I loved the meals we shared today (pork belly + french toast). I think the waitress scored some brownie points with my mom, referring to her as my friend.

 photo IMG_8691_zpsqwb4mnme.jpg

Donuts from the South Melbourne Market. Sweet treats all day everyday!

Checked out a display suite for a new apartment development today with my mom… Is it really naive to buy the first place you look at?! I know it is but I want…


August 22, 2015

Oompa Loompa. (****)

Good Evening,

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Last Sunday Dean took me on a drive down to the Yarra Valley! The first stop was the Chocolaterie where they currently have a hot chocolate festival on.

 photo IMG_8326_zpshz5hlytc.jpg

Mmmmm, unlimited chocolate buttons…

 photo IMG_8397_zps6c4vjzhj.jpg
 photo IMG_8289_zps6rrqmgxi.jpg
 photo IMG_8290_zps3ttw0khu.jpg
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It was so crowded! I'm guessing there were over 250 visitors inside. We luckily got seats in the cafe where we had our innovative hot chocolates, they were pretty sickening but we hadn't eaten yet so it was bearable.

 photo IMG_8324_zpsryxg5sfz.jpg
 photo IMG_8334_zpsa7jzqyxh.jpg

We made a quick stop at Yering Station where we did some wine tasting - I don't like wine but I liked the winery vibes. All I wanted to do was drink water after all the chocolate from earlier.

 photo IMG_8386_zpsgddm07fj.jpg
 photo IMG_8371_zpshmhxh8ju.jpg

We had lunch at Chandon… I felt like I had slightly traveled back in time to like, 1998 - it was the facilities and even the way the staff presented themselves that was a bit dated but it felt nostalgic and good in a way.

 photo IMG_8392_zpsoph5txzd.jpg

We shared an epic charcuterie board which we thoroughly enjoyed (so good after the chocolate overload).

 photo IMG_8379_zpstsdcamuy.jpg

We both ordered pretty small meals as neither of us were hungry. I quite liked my risotto, it was perfect for my small appetite.

 photo IMG_8389_zpsduqjtfxx.jpg

Dean did a course of wine tasting after lunch… He took notes in the form of symbols.


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 photo IMG_8410_zpsfhaxrz4h.jpg

Everyone at support centre went on an excursion out to the warehouse on Tuesday where we went on tours and met the staff there followed by the biggest smash and grab yet. When I got home I placed my goodies in a tidy manner on the coffee table, it felt like Christmas morning! I spent a few hours sorting through the products, deciding what to keep and what to give away… Managed to condense everything from all smash and grabs down to two boxes - one for makeup and the other for skincare.


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Friday team lunch at Feast of Merit.

Friday night + all day today (Saturday) spent lazing around at home in my pyjamas,  it feels so good. 


August 15, 2015

15.08.15 (****)

Good Evening,

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Long time no blog - it's been a busy couple of weeks! Above is a photo Street Smith took of me a few weeks ago at work.

 photo IMG_8211_zpsvkafc1hh.jpg

She took this one too. The people who did my hair managed to get it to hair commercial level. It was very shiny.


 photo IMG_8163_zpsozdqwajj.jpg

Worked last Friday night into the wee hours of Saturday morning with my work buddy… We listened to late night jazz and had a frozen meal dinner, it was actually quite romantic! I'm excited to see the final outcome of what I was working on.


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Had Hunky Dory twice last week… Once during the week and another time on last Saturday night after checking out the space of a new restaurant that an acquaintance opened down Swan street - The Humble Hub.


 photo IMG_8179_zps1knqb4er.jpg

Long time no see, streetwear Dean.

Saw Dean last Sunday. Had lunch at Grand Trailer Park Taverna… I'd already had food so I only had a side but Dean's burger looked (and apparently was) amazing! Very keen to go back to try their burgers and milkshake cocktails. I friendly girl at the counter recognised me from Instagram and said hello which was nice.

 photo IMG_8187_zpsttclbx1j.jpg

Afterwards we went to the Comedy Theatre to see Bikes Vs. Cars which was screening as a part of the Melbourne International Film Festival. The documentary was good, definitely up Dean's alley seeing as he's always going on about road infrastructure and laws. The statistics were powerful, I didn't realise how much of a burden cars actually are to society and the environment… As a non-driver in Melbourne I can't stress how convenient, economical and healthy it is to ride a bike in this city, I just can't understand the appeal of owning a car! 

 photo IMG_8188_zps5rjr0pbh.jpg

That night I joined Dean's family for his grandma's birthday dinner.


 photo IMG_8193_zpsacbywayz.jpg

The bike shop building my bike sent me this teaser over the week. I couple of amendments (gumwall tyres and white cables) and the [fingers crossed] addition of fenders and she's complete! Caaaan't wait. P.S. The cork handle grips are temporary…  I can't decide if I want to spend $150+ on Brooks grips to go with my saddle…


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It was my brother's birthday on Tuesday!

We had a celebratory family dinner at Shou Sumiyaki.

 photo IMG_8201_zpsxsddanew.jpg
 photo IMG_8200_zpszowykidu.jpg
 photo IMG_8202_zpssgqimqfs.jpg

Delish but questionable service and hygiene at this place…


Had lunch at The Humble Hub with a group of workmates on Thursday.

 photo IMG_8210_zpstdwkmean.jpg

The food was tasty! Another good lunch option around work.

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Got entry into the Glow Festival's VIP opening night just by signing up, so Dean and I enjoyed a free night of ice skating. We both needed the assistance of the penguins to keep balance… Dean kept incorrectly referring to them as ducks though.

They had food trucks at the festival but we decided to have dumplings instead on Chapel St.

 photo IMG_8227_zpserxttifg.jpg
 photo IMG_8228_zpswtqsrktt.jpg


Was greeted by a Mecca bag of goodies on my desk on Friday morning. This was the prize I got for doing an extracurricular task at work. It was a very generous selection of amazing products, I calculated  and the goodie bag was valued at over $600! Gah. So spoiled! Below are a couple of my favourite things from the prize pack, a Byredo fragrance and facial oil by Verso Skincare… Both encased in STUNNING packaging.

 photo IMG_8285_zpsiljdfq1e.jpg

Had lunch on Friday with my team at Meatball & Wine Bar followed by Messina ice cream. I would HIGHLY recommend getting the Mango Cheesecake special they have on at the moment - wish they'd make it a permanent flavour.

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 photo IMG_8236_zpswbkm13xd.jpg

Went straight home on Friday night as I was so exhausted. My mom and I went out locally for a light dinner at Mama Papa. Consistent lovely service and yummy Thai food!

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 photo IMG_8281_zpsusdxztye.jpg

Had today (Saturday) to laze around at home. Left the house to attend a dynamic fitness class. The instructor was tough and because there was only one other person in the class there was no slacking off! Attained some major Bachelor spoilers and goss there… Both ladies have friends who are contestants on the show.

Going out of town on a day trip tomorrow, I can't wait! I'm in high spirits because it's already starting to feel a lot like Spring!


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