October 23, 2014

23.10.14 (***)

Good Evening,

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It's been a quiet one this week.

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Went shopping at Maxima with Shenia on Saturday night. Saw some packaging I did for Kit's SPF 25 lip balm ball at the counter!

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 photo IMG_3303_zps596c9f9d.jpg

The two of us had a mini Chinese feast before we settled at Pancake Parlour where Monica joined us too. That was an ideal Saturday night for me.


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Sunday dinner with my dad and brother at Mama Papa... That's all I did last weekend! I was pretty bored during the day.


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It felt like summer on Tuesday so Dean and I decided to meet up at the half-way point between our workplaces during our lunch breaks to have a taco picnic. Tacos are only $2 each at Salsa's so I proposed that we make this a weekly thing during the warmer months. So nice. My mom coincidentally made tacos for dinner that night so in total I ate around 10 tacos that day.


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Today a couple of workmates and I had lunch at Fonda... This burrito doesn't look very substantial but it was so filling!

Can't believe it's already the end of the week... I'm excited for work tomorrow ;-)! 


October 18, 2014

The Project. (*****)

Good Afternoon,

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This. City Swept Finish by Bumble and Bumble. From my boss (thank you). It leaves my hair feeling so light and bouncy, not even a helmet can weigh it down.

 photo IMG_0096_zps619a91f6.jpg

Was so excited when I got notified by Dean that he had received his Uniqlo order! I met up with him on Wednesday to collect my LINE collab t-shirts (too cute...). We also had a quick dinner.

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They had free ice cream at Ben & Jerry's and there wasn't even a line.

 photo IMG_3273_zpsc230cfd9.jpg

We had cheap $4 pizzas at Lucky Coq.

 photo IMG_3275_zps3cf31e31.jpg

... and then more free ice cream post meal. (excuse my chipped nail polish...)


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On Thursday I saw The Project post a status on FB that they had spare spots to be in the audience that night so I e-mailed them and managed to get two tickets, haha. I took a workmate and that's us in the front row 2nd and 3rd from the left. It was a pretty fun experience! Prior to going into the studio we were warmed up and told to exaggerate our reactions... There was a lot of strenuous clapping involved - especially going into ad breaks. The special guests that night were Tim Minchin (that comedian/musician/author/director/etc guy with the messy long red hair and eye liner) and Kevin McCloud - the host of Grand Designs. My favourite host was Peter Helliar, I've always enjoyed his sense of humor and he'd come over to the audience during ad breaks to chat which was nice.


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Had lunch with the design team at Meatball and Wine Bar on Friday. Very delicious as per usual.


Also. Recently made a SoundCloud account so I could compile a playlist that wasn't as distracting as the music on my iPod to listen to while I work... Listen to this playlist for optimum productivity at your desk!


October 13, 2014

13.10.14 (***)

Good Evening,

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What. Why is it so wintery today?!

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... When yesterday was so hot! I actually applied sun screen for the first time in ages.

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Rode into the city yesterday and parked my bike outside Maxima. Saw my October window for the first time... When my mom saw it she said, "What exactly did you design...?" which is fair enough, since all I did was arrange assets given to me by Josie Maran, a new brand that we're featuring this month.

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I took Dean out for lunch at Cookie as a thank you for last week. As planned, we got a little balcony to ourselves... The best place to spend a sunny day in the city! Everything we ordered was beautiful and all very refreshing on a hot day.

Afterwards we spent some time window shopping. Uniqlo were having a UT sale so that prompted us to ask if they stocked the LINE collaboration and to our surprise the shop assistant told us that they're sold online! With much excitement and urgency Dean bought us a couple of t-shirts ($9 each, ah!) each... Cannot wait until they arrive. Later that night I found out that the t-shirts I chose sold out and that the sale ended that day. So good. Winning.

 photo IMG_3263_zpsefa1563b.jpg

We bumped into my mom and after saying bye to Dean we had a quick dinner at The Dainty Sichuan in Emporium... It was actually very delicious! The tomato & pork one was yum but the fish one was amazing.


October 11, 2014

11.10.14 (****)

Good Evening,

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It's been a pretty chilled week so far.

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Cony playing in our sakura tree... Ha, I'm such a child... But she's so cute... The cherry blossoms are nice too.


 photo 10523943_10152940939437018_1753914497825540624_n_zps82962d37.jpg

My dad and I went out for lunch last week, I chose a Croatian restaurant called Dalmatino.

(Hmmm... Not sure if this has embedded properly?) But this is a video I took of my dad singing in the car... I thought it'd stop him singing but he continued with much enthusiasm. He always sings in the car, but it's always the same 3 songs, haha.

 photo IMG_3237_zps20f17a47.jpg
 photo IMG_3240_zps274c33ca.jpg
 photo IMG_3245_zps1224b44a.jpg

Dinner was lovely, we both really enjoyed Dalmatino. Those chocolate dumplings I had killed me though... Yum but probably best shared between two.


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Friday was a good food day at work... In the morning we had a morning tea with cupcakes and then we had a brown bag lunch (pictured above) where every month or so the whole office go downstairs to have catered lunch together followed by a lecture/talk by a special guest... We had a girl from a bank talk to us about being smart with money with a focus on superannuation, she was a great speaker and I found it helpful as nobody ever really teaches you these things. We also had our weekly Friday afternoon sweet treats... This is definitely the workplace for me.

After work I rode into the city (love how the sun is still out now!) to meet up with a buddy from high school. Since it was such a nice night we sat outside at City Square and had sushi while catching up... The point of us meeting was so I could give her tips on Japan as she's going soon but we didn't really end up talking about that, ha. It was so nice to see her, definitely someone I'd like to hang out with more often.


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Dean bought me The Kinfolk Table out of the blue last week! I'd been wanting it for a while so I was very pleased to have received it.

 photo IMG_9984_zps79b0fc3d.jpg

I tried out a salad recipe from the book today, I was able to get all the greens from our vegetable garden!

 photo IMG_9991_zpsc34074f5.jpg

It was a success! A lot yummier than I had imagined... I could've been tidier with the presentation though... The recipe didn't have an accompanying photograph so I had nothing to draw inspiration from.

It's a sweet potato and apple salad... The sweet potatoes are roasted in maple syrup and bacon (!!!) and the salad is topped with nuts and seeds, as my mom said, very American.


October 5, 2014

Expanding Cheeks. (*****)

Good Evening,

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Daylight savings is messing with me today, the loss of one hour makes such a difference... I don't know where my day has gone and it's almost time to hit the hay!

 photo IMG_9841_zps06033988.jpg

Last week a girl on Instagram (@mrssteffc) drew a picture of me! So bizarre but cool, love her style. 

 photo IMG_3226_zpsc453da45.jpg

A solo midweek lunch from Love Pho.


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Hectic and stressful times for me this week when our TV antenna on the roof fell over in the wind! Timing was the worst, half an hour before The Bachelor finale! Thankfully my brother was home and got up on the roof and fixed it for me in time. I'd always been #teamlisa but I suppose in the grand scheme of things, she did 'win' because she wasn't the one to get proposed to and then later dumped by a silly man.


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Friday meatballs with a couple of workmates, yum!


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As a surprise, Dean organized a night for us at Crown Metropol (influenced by the Bachelor perhaps? ha). I had a feeling he'd take me there but I didn't want to voice it just in case he had booked somewhere not as nice.

 photo IMG_9855_zpsd6d4fe90.jpg
 photo IMG_9857_zps3c121c33.jpg
 photo IMG_9871_zps27c0f98d.jpg

We got upgraded to a loft suite too! So nice.

 photo IMG_9882_zps2102c50d.jpg
 photo IMG_9864_zps80a092a2.jpg

We went down to Mr. Hive for dinner which was located on the first floor of the hotel. Something about the restaurant didn't feel like Melbourne, I felt like we were on holiday!

 photo IMG_9880_zpsf38e0603.jpg
 photo IMG_9878_zps59faeb4e.jpg
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 photo IMG_9895_zps3fed4b08.jpg

We had a nice meal (I must comment on their efficiency... The guy who sat next to us was in and out in 20 minutes!). Their dessert platter lived up to high expectations.

 photo IMG_9886_zps509758b3.jpg

The following morning we had a breakfast buffet on their 28th floor. Pictured is about a third of what we consumed... They had an a la carte menu that was also included in the buffet which I wish we were made aware of before we dived into round one.

 photo IMG_9891_zpsbbdaeac0.jpg

We had a dip in the pool on very full stomachs. It was such a nice day for a swim and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn't crowded.

 photo IMG_3232_zps061a26b6.jpg

The vitality pool in the changing rooms! It was relaxing but I wish the water temperature was hotter than 38 degrees (spas in Australia are never hot enough to my liking...). I think we spent over 3 hours at the pool, it was lots of fun.

 photo IMG_9892_zpsc60eeedf.jpg

The view from the pool... Playing with the panorama feature on Dean's phone... It reminds me of that scene in Inception.

We were both sad to leave the hotel life... I'm itching to go on a small interstate holiday now! Thanks Deanus for the lovely surprise, I'm a very lucky guuuuurl.


P.S. Controlled eating NEEDS to start tomorrow. My cheeks are getting so big, ha.
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