September 1, 2014

As Good as New. (****)

Good Evening,

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Three cheers for spring! We had a good taste of Spring this past weekend in Melbourne.

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I got to wear my new Carly Hunter dress earlier than expected on Sunday, I love it so much. This outfit was bliss to ride my bike in, I felt so free.

I participated in this mini photoshoot that my ex-classmate from uni was doing. Looking forward to see how they turned out, the raw shots looked really impressive to me.

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Since I was sorta in the neighbourhood, I decided to pay the Papillionaire warehouse (showroom? store?) a visit as I had a couple of concerns with my bike. The guy there recognized me (turns out he's mates with Dean) and he looked after me really well! He replaced my basket and rear fender and gave my bike a full service... A much needed service as I hadn't had one since purchasing it over two years ago. Miss Papillion was as good as new after the service!

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Dean picked my bike and I from Papillionaire and we enjoyed some delicious Messina ice cream! I got the "Welcome Home" (?) special which should be on their permanent menu, it was soooooooo wonderful and of course a scoop of the salted caramel.

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After ice cream we had dinner at Shop Ramen (dessert before meals is always a good idea, I much prefer it in that order!) I liked their take on ramen, it was flavoursome but felt light at the same time.


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Today I was greeted by a fancy new computer at work! Exciting stuff.


P.S. I keep forgetting to voice my stance on the bachelorettes on the Bachelor... I'm #teamlisa but I also wouldn't mind (for entertainment's sake) if he ended up with Laurina.

August 30, 2014

Queen of the Jungle. (*****)

Good Evening,

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Ah! It's been a week already...

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Dinner with my mother last Saturday at Third Wave. They do delicious ribs and an amazing pecan pie.


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Dean and I had a childish date last week at Vic Gardens... Stuffed our faces at the Ikea cafeteria then saw, "How to Train a Dragon 2" at the cinemas... Dean was 100% keen on watching the film whereas I was 200% disinterested... I told him I'd only watch it if he paid for my ticket.


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On Monday my first promotion for Mecca Maxima kicked off! I didn't expect myself to be designing promos so soon but I got lucky with timing (the rest of the team were too busy with other projects)... I'm super happy to have gotten the opportunity, it was all so new and exciting for me. I created the look and feel of the promotion and applied it to the windows and across in-store VM elements.

 photo IMG_9297_zps4914918c.jpg

I went to visit the Highpoint store that day. It was so cool finally seeing it in real life, I was nervous that the window would look funny as I'd never designed something so massive before but there was no nasty surprises.

 photo IMG_9245_zps455065ee.jpg
 photo IMG_9230_zpsfa216ec3.jpg
 photo IMG_9233_zps580a3cde.jpg
 photo IMG_9228_zps4a2a0335.jpg
 photo IMG_9223_zpsd85f8438.jpg

I wish I had taken decent photos with a proper camera!


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Had a delicious Indian feast with my mom and brother on Tuesday night at India House. I find their food more refreshing and less rich compared to most Indian restaurants.


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It's Magic Designer Sale time again! My workmate and I went on Friday and had a little spending spree. I walked away with four pretty dresses by local brands, Kuwaii, Verner, Kloke, and Carly Hunter.

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Banh Mi from Vic St! Yum yum.

After work on Friday Dean and I hung out in the city, it was really buzzing... There was a bit of a shopping festival going on with MSFW kicking off the day after. After some window shopping (Going into stores that had free food/drink offerings) we found ourselves at the new Sakura sushi train.

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It was pretty good considering the price (special prices for their opening!).

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We went to Waffee for dessert, it was very delicious and the girl who served us was seemed genuinely nice.


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My mother finally picked up her new bike today! She named him Charlie the Charinko ( = bike in Japanese). It's a Tokyobike from a bloc. As practice, we rode our bikes to the Classic cinema in Elsternwick to see a movie together... She was really really slow, haha.

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The salted caramel choc top there was great!

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We saw, "The Hundred Foot Journey"! I'm glad I went in without any knowledge of the film because if I had heard that it was co-produced by Oprah and had seen the poster design I would've thought it was a movie for middle aged ladies. It was such a delightful and charming film, I think I was smiling the whole time... If you're feeling down I suggest you watch this because they only skim the frustrating and sad parts and really amplify the happy moments. I want to watch it again and I want to eat Indian cuisine again in the near future.

P.S. How attractive are Charlotte Le Bon and Manish Dayal?!?! 

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We had an early light dinner next door at After the Tears, we had a very pleasant Saturday afternoon!


August 23, 2014

Mani. (****)

Good Afternoon,

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What wonderful weather in Melbourne today! I'm so ready for Spring! This has been my first full winter in Melbourne since 2011 and I'm so over it... I'm mainly sick of my winter wardrobe - I hate winter fashion.

This past week has been a very economical one for me. Rode to work, packed my lunches, and didn't go out for any midweek dinners.


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Yesterday at work they had a manicure station set up in the office with all the Mecca Cosmetica nail colours and their brand new products to assist in perfecting your nails. As a very impatient nail painter, my favourite product is the Ready Set Quick Dry Nail Mist - the name speaks for itself.

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The Polished Up Mani-Pedi Perfector is also a tool I need in my life... For when you get nail polish on your skin around your nails (ie. every time).

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From midday yesterday, the design team went on an excursion to visit various stores and showrooms participating in Melbourne Indesign - more relevant to interior designers than graphic designers, but it's always good to be exposed to other areas in design.

All these places we visited were excellent hosts... We got so much free food and drinks, heh.

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... and napkins!

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 photo IMG_2936_zps330793dd.jpg
 photo IMG_2938_zps1fb532a5.jpg
 photo IMG_2939_zps1bdf265d.jpg

So many sweet treats! This is just a snippet of how spoilt we were.

Visiting all these furniture showrooms made me wish I had my own place to decorate! ... But in reality, I feel like I'd be too poor to indulge in such things if I were to move out right now. I wish they sold more Muji furniture here... So stylish and affordable... I want my whole house to be Muji (including their BGM soundtracks!).

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Had a very quiet Friday night at home. Had a flick through a couple of magazines I picked up at Melbourne Indesign. I quickly lost interest in Habitus with ads on every spread distracting me... But Alquimie was a beautiful publication, I spent some time admiring the layout design then gave it to my brother who appreciates quality alcoholic beverages (being a part-time bartender).

Looks like this weekend will be a peaceful one. A quiet week is a good week IMO.


P.S. I would really appreciate it if people would quit being nice to me only when they want something from me... Lately a bunch of people I barely know have been in contact asking for favors ... and to be honest, ceebs.

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