April 23, 2014

E is For... (***)

Good Evening,

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Hope you all enjoyed and made the most of the Easter long weekend. I have to admit that I got a bit bored... Apart from going out for dinner twice (fun fun fun), I just lazed around on my lounge room floor refreshing Instagram every 5 minutes while semi-watching the royal couple's live coverage of their tour in Australia (zzzzzzz). Quite frankly, I'm glad to be back at work.

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My Easter highlight was definitely catching up with my three best friends. Bianca's back! I love it when all four of us gather, I get too happy and clingy, never wanting to part and go home.

 photo IMG_2074_zpsa9ee1735.jpg

We ended up at Ito for dinner again... The city nowadays is so populated and overwhelming, the perfect place for a quiet dinner is Ito because it's never busy and they have comfy seats. The food is whatevs but you're not paying much for it anyway.

 photo IMG_7656_zps51fc56be.jpg
 photo IMG_7653_zps5faed3d5.jpg

Monica got each of us a lovely Easter gift! Cute rings made out of old typewriter keys from White Moose.


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My outfit yesterday, this dress has either shrunk or I have gotten taller!

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It was announced yesterday that Lorde's Australian Tour has been postponed due to sickness. Bianca and I had tickets to her show tomorrow so we're pretty bummed, especially 'cos Bianca came down from Queensland to attend the concert with me! Ah both/all the shows I've gotten tickets to this year have been heavily postponed... Oh well, you can't get angry at anyone for being unwell.

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Walking home from the train station got a million times scarier since daylight savings ended... It's pitch black in my neighbourhood by the time I get home at 6:30! I got so frightened when a couple of men got off the same train and walked in exactly the same direction as me (I barely ever have company walking home)... I ended up walking around the whole block in the rain just to avoid them.


April 19, 2014

A New Favourite. (***)

Good Evening,

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I've had a very quiet long weekend so far, a much needed rest (though I admit I'm already getting bored).

My brother and I rode our bikes down to Prahran to meet our dad for dinner at a French restaurant. My mother laughed at me for wearing this shirt but it was totally unintentional.

 photo IMG_2066_zps8ba06711.jpg

It was our second time at Chez Olivier, and I have to say, this place has quickly become one of my favourite restaurants in Melbourne! I just wish I knew how to pronounce the name... I'm terrible with foreign languages, is the "Z" silent?!

 photo IMG_2053_zps307ebda8.jpg

Their homemade cinnamon butter is so memorable and addictive, I wish they sold it in tubs!

 photo IMG_2054_zpsfbf40f20.jpg
 photo IMG_2055_zps8c13afc3.jpg
 photo IMG_2056_zps6595004f.jpg

Our delicious entrees, they were all perfect.

 photo IMG_2057_zps116fcb05.jpg

Our mains. My eye fillet steak was heavenly, hands down the best steak I've ever had. I loved all of the elements except for the foie gras (which both my dad and brother thought was delicious).

 photo IMG_2068_zps1a2e0a26.jpg

My upside-down apple tart, a good note to finish on.

 photo IMG_2064_zpsb1e89a5f.jpg

My dad checking in on Facebook, haha.

 photo 8a404cebc7e688d76da504d2b2270acd_zps85184a64.jpg

In unrelated news... I think I want these shoes... Despite my hate for high heeled sneakers, triangular motifs, and the fact that they won't go with 87% of my wardrobe.  I still want.


April 18, 2014

Good Good Friday +日本語 (*****)

Good Afternoon,

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Happy Easter everyone! What a great little holiday, I like that Easter doesn't come with any obligations (for me at least) and that all chocolate consumption is guilt-free and encouraged!


 photo IMG_7545_zpsdcb74b28.jpg
 photo IMG_7543_zps5ed51dc5.jpg
 photo IMG_2020_zpsc50e6f15.jpg

The Easter Bunny came early and visited my workplace! Delicious eggs by Koko Black were placed on everyone's desks on Wednesday morning. The design team also received treats from a paper supplier.


 photo IMG_2045_zps4cf36f49.jpg

We also had a morning tea with hot cross buns at work. I had three...


 photo IMG_2046_zpsc6c03c87.png

But perhaps my favourite part of Easter, now that I work full time are the four times I can sleep in in the mornings! I had an amazing sleep last night, 98% sleep quality and 10 hours of slumber... On most weekdays my sleep quality is between 60% ~ 70% and only sleep for around 6 hours.



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On Monday I had plans to see Fergie/Ferguson/Dr. Ferg after work for a cheap dinner. I rode my bike from work into the city for the first time and the views were spectacular. We caught up at Guzman & Gomez (?) and I had a delicious barramundi burrito, IT WAS SO GOOD... light, fresh, tangy, and perfectly balanced.  We always end up talking like two high school girls (Fergie is a boy), it was fun.



 photo IMG_2018_zpsd332e258.jpg

My outfit on Tuesday.



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 photo IMG_2027_zps75c577b6.jpg
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A new shopping complex (The Emporium) in the CBD opened its doors on Wednesday so Dean and I went to check it out after work. It wasn't as crowded as I had feared, it was nice and spacious! In terms of occupying stores, I find it weird that a lot of them have stores operating in Melbourne Central just next door... The main star of the Emporium though (in m'pinion) is Uniqlo, the first store to open in Australia taking over 4 levels! The store set-up is consistent with the Uniqlo's in Japan (where the bran originates), the pricing is still reasonable (but obviously not as cheap), and you can tell that they're trying to teach the, "Japanese service" to staff (surprised to see that they imported store managers from Japan to train the local staff).

街のど真ん中に新しくショッピングセンターが出来てオープンの日にディーンと行ってきました.とても広くて思ってたほど混んでなかったです.このモールで1番注目されてる店はなんと日本のユニクロです!オーストラリア1号店!4階もあって店内は日本とほとんど変わらないです.日本からの店長がたくさん日本の接客をオーストラリア人のスタッフに教えに来てるみたいでこだわりにびっくりしました.「いらっしゃいませ」の変わりに、「Hello, welcome to Uniqlo」でした.

 photo IMG_2022_zpsbf751f2f.jpg
 photo IMG_2025_zps5dbb3cb1.jpg

The Guzman & Gomez in the food court were giving away free burritos. Since my barramundi burrito was so life changing on Monday I ordered it again but it wasn't half as good... It tasted totally different but I don't blame 'em as they were probably super busy in the kitchen.


 photo IMG_2026_zps590711bf.jpg

Free gin cocktails... It was way stronger than I had imagined, the taste reminded me of tequila (bad, bad memories) so I couldn't finish it.


 photo IMG_7558_zpsbe4c97d3.jpg
 photo IMG_2049_zpsc2bed07f.jpg

I was in a bit of a pickle with my shopping bags as they didn't fit in my basket but I was smart and wore the tote as a backpack. Also, as you can see, the second Muji opened there... It's slightly bigger than the one in Chadstone but still very small compared to the stores in Japan. I was hoping that it'd be bigger and include their furniture range!



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 photo IMG_7588_zps98b30e7d.jpg

My outfit on Thursday, so ready for the long weekend!


 photo IMG_7585_zps21d60f1e.jpg

This is how my body tells me that winter is here... My hands get so hyper-dry which results in cracking and bleeding! It's like the pain of a paper cut times 5! Ah.



April 13, 2014

A Weekend Away. (*****)

Good Evening,

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On the 9th it was my 2 year anniversary with Dean.

 photo IMG_1976_zpsb0d58910.png
That stamp is so perfect in depicting the moment we became an official couple, the log and everything!

It's been a peaceful and comfortable two years... I think those two adjectives sum up our relationship pretty well.

 photo IMG_1990_zpsbf03bebe.jpg

Our anniversary landed on a weekday so we could only go out for dinner after we both finished work. (lol we look so small in this photo). I let Dean choose the restaurant and we ended up dining at Ezard on Flinders Lane, somewhere I've passed 3435453 times but had never noticed.

 photo IMG_1980_zps86d88a72.jpg
 photo IMG_1981_zps836e4c73.jpg
 photo IMG_1982_zps6aff981a.jpg
 photo IMG_1983_zpse3ab8087.jpg
 photo IMG_1985_zps438c9d4b.jpg
 photo IMG_7351_zps58edee3b.jpg

It's probably the fanciest place we've ever been together but it wasn't too fancy to the point of tiny tiny portions of dots and froth on a plate. The entrees only look small because we got them to half them so we could have a plate each of two entrees. I enjoyed everything except for my main snapper which could've done with a bit more flavour (I resisted asking for salt because I thought they might get offended...) It was a nice gesture of them to write, "Happy Anniversary" on our dessert platter plate when Dean had only briefly mentioned it on the phone.


 photo IMG_1991_zps16b19e17.jpg

During my lunch break the following day I walked past the Corner Hotel and saw a poster up for the long awaited W.A.S. show that I bought tickets to over 6 months ago (!!!)... It was initially scheduled for January but it got heavily postponed to May. I remember fantasizing about getting a job at Mecca by the time of the show and walking to the venue (just down the road) after work, now it'll be a reality! Maybe I'll even bump into Keith Murray during my lunch break, or overhear their soundcheck... heh.

 photo IMG_2006_zpsd4b96543.jpg

Had SpudBar for lunch, it was so filling but I managed to finish it (just).

 photo IMG_1996_zpsd06a1084.png
 photo IMG_2004_zps3e105c11.png
 photo IMG_2005_zps7a01eb2f.png

Oh boy, I went LINE crazy with my phone and downloaded these adorable wallpapers!


 photo IMG_7361_zpseb2028de.jpg

Dean planned a weekend getaway to Daylesford/Hepburn for our anniversary. Our first stop was the Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa.

 photo IMG_7362_zpsd9f74e5a.jpg
 photo IMG_7420_zps75d2c6fc.jpg

Super nice facilities but we agreed that it was way overpriced at $90 each for entry into all the spas and scones. I think I would have significantly enjoyed myself more if the water wasn't so lukewarm, I like my baths at at LEAST 40 degrees. We had a great relaxing time there but it isn't somewhere you'd go again... I much prefer and recommend the Peninsula Hot Springs.

 photo IMG_7371_zpsbc9ff03c.jpg

The scones were really good but I got stung by a wasp on my leg (weird 'cos I wasn't even provoking it)... I've only gotten stung once before when I was a kid and it's funny how tolerance to pain changes when you age, it didn't hurt that much this time 'round.

 photo IMG_7393_zps471ed6e3.jpg

Deanus booked us a stunning Villa (Hepburn and Hepburn) as a surprise!

 photo IMG_7480_zpscbc08ca3.jpg

Tucked away in a secluded area just opposite the hotsprings.

 photo IMG_7425_zps2e39a72c.jpg
 photo IMG_7382_zpsd6c3a340.jpg

Complimentary treats!

 photo IMG_7389_zps5ce6b036.jpg
 photo IMG_7426_zps99060119.jpg
 photo IMG_7399_zps96c0c3c5.jpg

It was so nice! There's a curtain that goes around the glass bathroom by the way.

 photo IMG_7442_zps8d76b919.jpg

One of my favourite features was the fireplace.

 photo IMG_7452_zps4b470d9d.jpg
 photo IMG_7466_zps03142cac.jpg

And the balcony which was bliss after a hot bath. Apparently wild kangaroos and echidnas come out to play sometimes.

 photo IMG_2007_zps48b0cfee.jpg

We went to the local pub (Farmer's Arms?) for dinner. It was buzzing and we had to wait for a table but the food was worth it. I had the lamb shanks. This is the kind of food you want to enjoy when in a rural town.

 photo IMG_7470_zps30241d96.jpg

The nice guy at the Villa allowed us to check in later at 1PM which allowed us to sleep in, apparently Dean had a dream that I dumped him though... Ha. My front teeth fell out again in my dream, it's probably my most frequent dream/nightmare. Anyway, we had lunch at a cute little place called Beer and Breakfast. I liked my corn fritters (a lot) but Dean was underwhelmed with his hashbrowns.

 photo IMG_7488_zpsb0afb492.jpg

After having a walk around town (which didn't take long at all) we headed to Lavandula, a Swiss Italian Farm best known for their lavender fields. Since it's now Autumn, the lavenders weren't too spectacular but the farm had a nice country atmosphere.

 photo IMG_7478_zps29af3665.jpg
 photo IMG_2009_zpsaa13be43.jpg
 photo IMG_7481_zpsf45bf15a.jpg
 photo IMG_7518_zps206981bb.jpg
 photo IMG_7497_zpsae4e9777.jpg
 photo IMG_7517_zpsb48a4e28.jpg
 photo IMG_7487_zpsd97ea2f2.jpg

Even though we had just eaten, we shared a platter of goodies and had cake (not in that order, ha). I was so happy with my apple cake and my lavender lemonade. I also had a pot of lavender tea which was quite nice too.

We really seemed to be attracting the wasps of Daylesford... This is Dean freaking out and looking like a wizard casting spells (or simply a madman).

 photo IMG_2011_zpsc3631710.jpg

I fell asleep during the drive back home to Melbourne but woke up for ice cream from Ben and Jerry's... I deeply regretted getting two scoops in a special cone, it was too much... The "couch potato" flavour was good, it had chocolate covered potato chip clusters in it, best combination.

I should sleep now! Bye!


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